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Open Business Engine 1.0 Released

Good Day All,

I am pleased to announce that as of 21st June, 2006 the final GA build of OBE-1.0 is available.

The most significant differences from the OBE-1.0RC1 build are as follows:
- cleanup and re-coding following an extensive automated code inspection courtesy of IntelliJ's excellent IDEA-5.1.2 Java IDE.
- HTML documentation reformatted to eliminate superfluous whitespace.
- Enhanced animated graphics in doc header.
- Integrated Torque for generating database-specific DDL. Should minimize DB porting issues.
- Moved SPI runtime model interfaces and package validator to obeclient-api.jar to allow system attributes to be referenced via OUT and INOUT parameters in XPDL.
- NewEmployee workflow now sets process name to that of the associated employee; layout & graphic regenerated using JaWE-2.0.4.
- Migrated JSF Worklist to MyFaces-1.1.3 + various cleanups & enhancements.
- WorkflowEngine now prevents state changes for work items and activities whose containing entity is suspended.... read more

Posted by Adrian Price 2006-06-21

Open Business Engine 1.0 RC1 Released

After three years' intensive incubation the Open Business Engine has finally been released. OBE is a Java workflow engine implementing Workflow Management Coalition Open Standards (WfMC: XPDL, WAPI, Auditing). Modular, configurable and extensible, OBE suits J2EE or embedded deployment. It supports inbound and outbound integration via JMS, HTTP, Web Services, JavaBeans, EJBs, WebDAV etc.

Binary and source distributions are downloadable from read more

Posted by Adrian Price 2006-01-03

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