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Posted by Cory Walker 2013-05-05

NXT++ 0.6

It is once again time for another release! Before I go on I would like to thank the following NXT++ users for sending in patches and improvements:

Elizabeth Jensen
Jim Ward
Paul Tingey

Thanks to these people, NXT++ now includes support for multiple NXTs, and support for various Mindsensors sensors. (including the NXTCam!) There is also a whole new package for the managed version of NXT++. I hope everyone enjoys it!... read more

Posted by Cory Walker 2008-08-13

NXT++ 0.5

NXT++ has just hit 1000 downloads. To celebrate this, I have released a new version of NXT++. This is the biggest release we have had yet. The library is now really a library and the entire project has been reorganized and improved. There is also no longer an issue with including NXT++ multiple times. You will need to compile NXT++ now and update your project settings. Your code should still be the same though. You can find detailed tutorials for this new version on the wiki. (including a brand new screenshot tutorial.)... read more

Posted by Cory Walker 2008-01-28

NXT++ 0.4

We are proud to release the next version of NXT++, NXT++ 0.4! This is a big version which includes file and module support for both Windows and Linux. The new additions have not been wikied yet, but they are described in detail in the API reference on the website. Enjoy!

-Cory Walker

Posted by Cory Walker 2007-10-15

A Message to the NXT++ Community

I am spending most of my free time on support and almost none on the next release of NXT++ (big one). If you have really liked NXT++, please do me a huge favor and help someone on the forums.

Thank you,
Cory Walker

Posted by Cory Walker 2007-07-28

NXT++ 0.3.2

We have just released a minor update to NXT++ (it is major if you use the linux port). Sensors are now supported on the linux version. In addition, I've also set up a wiki with a few tutorials. http://nxtpp.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Posted by Cory Walker 2007-05-12

NXT++ 0.3.1

NXT++ 0.3.1 has just been released. It contains a crucial motor bug fix and some *BETA* linux support. The linux port only supports the functions that are not reading any data from the NXT. That means you can't use functions like GetValue() for the sensors or GetFirmwareVersion() etc. If you do decide to try out the linux port, you will need libusb instead of the fantom library.

Hope you like it!

Posted by Cory Walker 2007-05-02

NXT++ 0.3

NXT++ 0.3 has been submitted and includes many important and useful features like ultrasonic sensor and Bluetooth support. I hope you like it!

Posted by Cory Walker 2007-04-21

Documentation Released!

The documentation for NXT++ 0.2 has been released and can be found on the project's web site.


Posted by Cory Walker 2007-04-15

NXT++ 0.2

NXT++ 0.2 has just been released! It is a lot neater and features namespaces to make the code a lot cleaner. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Posted by Cory Walker 2007-04-15

NXT++ is born!

I am very excited to unveil NXT++ to the open source community and I can't wait to see where it will take the project! Thanks for all of the support!

Posted by Cory Walker 2007-04-09