#2 Extract the data layer


Because of legacy reasons, access to the underlying database is not modularized. The business logic code is intermingled with data access logic.

The drawbacks of this approach include:
- lots of repeated SQL statements (263 SELECT statements): for instance whenever one needs some posts, a query is performed in place (203 references for gVars.wpdb.posts)
- support for only one database (MySQL)
- change of the database schema is very difficult to perform

The SQL statements do not use hardcoded table names. The names of tables are members of the org.numiton.nwp.wp_includes.wpdb class. "gVars.wpdb.posts" is the typical way of referencing the "nwp_posts" table.

The extraction of the data layer should be performed gradually, table by table (there are 10 tables):
- identify all SQL code using the table
- move the specific Java statement to a method of a dedicated class (e.g. PostsDAO)
- try to reduce the number of methods by parameterizing them


  • Numiton

    Numiton - 2008-10-08

    The data layer should be extensible. Additionally to the default MySQL support, nWP should be able to run other databases too.

  • Numiton

    Numiton - 2008-10-08
    • summary: Extract data layer --> Extract the data layer

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