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Development stopped

NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager is no longer developed nor maintained.

It is replaced by JSymphonic. Please, visit the JSymphonic SourceForge page:

JavaStage is now hosted in the Symphonic project.

Posted by Skiron 2009-03-09

NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager v0.17a is out!

v 0.17a
FIX: v0.17 contained a critical bug. If you download v0.17, download v0.17a again.

v 0.17
FIX: problem w/ more than 256 songs (https://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1916568&forum_id=599225)

Posted by aingoppa 2008-01-18

JavaStage v0.04 released

-- What is JavaStage? --
JavaStage is a Java library for alternative of SonicStage. JavaStage itself also can manage a sony player in command-line environment.

. Format the player or just remove directory OMGAUDIO/.
. Copy javastage.jar to the root directory of the player.
. Extract OMGAUDIO.tgz to the root of the player.
. 'java -jar javastage.jar' and you will see the usage.

v 0.04
New :
- FIX : Some minor bugs... read more

Posted by aingoppa 2008-01-06

NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager v0.16 is out!

v 0.16
New :
ADD: adding patch that xarquol updated
CHG: manager will run on J2 SE5 also. Tested in leopard J2 SE5

v 0.15
New :
- ADD : Supports ID3tag v2.3 and v2.4. Currently title, album, genre and artist are supported.
- ADD : By unchecking 'Use file name and folder name as title and album', you can set title and album with those of ID3tag in mp3 file.

Comming next(or not) :
You will be able to use Sonicstage 4.3 and this manager together.
You will see musics sorted by album, genre and artist (or more)... read more

Posted by aingoppa 2008-01-06

aingoppa is now Admin of the project...

Just to let you know that I've given full access to aingoppa, so releases will be on the download page from now on.

As for me, I do not have time to work on the project but I'm keeping an eye.

Good work as been done, you are great|!


Posted by Patrick Balleux 2008-01-06

You want to help... Join the Symphonic project

Hi, A lot of people want to help with this project. Actually, you should go to the symphonic project as this one will not be updated. There is a lot to do over there so, have fun!

Note: Search in sourceforge for "symphonic"

Patrick Balleux

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2007-07-29

v0.13 is out!

Hi all. It's been a while but I tool some time to make some minor modifications.

First : Java 6 is now required! If there is enough interest for Java 5, I'll build one, but you will loose some features.

New :
- Better handling of Mp3's
- Better compatibility with podcasts
- Removed the Shoutcast tab
- New languages supported
- minor corrections.

Have fun!

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2007-06-05

A newe team member : humpalumpa

Welcome to humpalumpa in the project. He will be a great value to the project and is able to manage the german language files.

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2007-02-27

A new team member : lenborje

A new team member as joined the development team...

lenborje (Lennart Börjeson) will translate the interface to swedish language.

Thanks for your help!

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2007-01-21

v0.12 is out!

* Corrected the loading of titles that was only loading the first 255 titles...
* Optimization of the FFMPEG converter
* When importing mp3, now removing the header of the title as expected by the player. Should improve compatibility...

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2007-01-08

A new member : nicolas_cardoso

Yep, Another member joined the project...

Welcome Nicolas

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-10-15

A new member : fla_2

Welcome to fla_2 who offered his help on the project... Welcome fla_2!


Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-10-02

JRE 1.5 ... A must...

If you have problems loading the application, don't forget that you need the JRE 1.5 from Sun. I am using some special features from the 1.5 JRE that a not present in the 1.4 version of the JRE.

Anybody intesrested in maintaining a 1.4 JRE version?


Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-09-27

Yep! Working on Macs...

It as been reported that NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager is working on a MAC...

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-09-27

Still working on it...

Hello all,

I am currently preparing the next release as being a totally new one. Version 0.10 was to validate that it could work.

So, don't worry, keep posting suggestion and bug reports.

Check often as I am preparing the next great new version!


Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-09-24

Welcome to Ciper

A new member has joined : Ciper
So I am not alone anymore...

So things sould go a little faster.


Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-09-14

v0.10 is out! With the Split Tool

Hi all, the new version is now out.

The biggest new feature is the ability to split a MP3 title (does not work with WMA).

Usefull for podcast of 30 minutes and above since the fast forward is not that great...

There may be a small pause between parts, but that's ok with news podcasts...

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-09-13

v0.09a is out ...

The new version is out for 0.09a...
+ Now support native WMA, no more convert to do... (If supported by the player...
+ Introduction of the Shoutcast browser
+ Titles/albums are now in a treeview instead of a list...
+ Many bugfix.

NOTE : If you've donwloaded 0.09, download the 0.09a since there is a problem when converting WMA to MP3...

Happy Listening...

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-09-11

v0.08 is out : With Shoutcast!

Ok here is the new one:
+ Now support Shoutcast radio for listening and recording...
+ Can detect the space left on the player
+ BUGFIX : Is now case insensitive on folder name...

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-09-09

0.07 is out! With french!

Ok, I know, another one...
+ Bugfix when converting a WMA
+ Added support for french (Et oui, en français!)
+ Some minor corrections

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-09-07

V0.06 is out! with support for WMA and WAV...

The new version 0.06 is out. Better and bigger!
+ Support for FFMPEG (if found) thus enabling import of WMA and WAV. Also Mp3 convert is available
+ Better GUI
+ Added internal mp3 player using JLayer 1.0. You can now play MP3 on you hardrive, on you player or from a podcast...
+Some small glitch corrected...

For Win32 fellows, download ffmpeg-win32.zip and copy the files at the site of NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager to enable FFMPEG support.... read more

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-09-06

V0.05 has support for Albums...

Ok, the V0.05 is now out. This version is able to support Albums.
It does not use Albums from the MP3 itself, but from the directory or podcast name.

Of course, you can rename the album name without affecting the original mp3...

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-09-03

V0.04 is out!

Here's the new version...
+ Now support more than 255 files
+ Can download any podcasts directly to the player
+ Minor corrections...
+ More feedback...

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-08-31

Version 0.03 is out!

It is now working under Windows AND Linux (should also work under Mac...)

You can import mp3 and export them back to your HD.

And a few more improvements...

This version is quite good...


Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-08-28

New version coming soon...

I am working on the version 0.03 wich will enable import/export of mp3 files from the device..

A lot of improvements... The code is already in subversion repository...

Posted by Patrick Balleux 2006-08-26

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