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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Release

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. In this 0.8.12 release, we've included a new online feature, nVMGc Online. This feature will help you to give suggestion, feedback, and bugs reports directly to our project site at sourceforge.net. You'll have a faster way to directly post your thoughts, without having to open a new browser tab/window. We are looking forward for your more critical messages.
We've also applied some bugfixes as well as some minor interface enhancements.... read more

Posted by Wahyu Budiman 2007-01-01

Release separation and global configuration

Since version 0.8.8, nVMGc project now offers download in two parts: The nVMGc core program and The nVMGc Developer Tools (NDT). Core program can run without NDT, but not vice versa.

NDT (currently version 0.8.8) contains analyzer.php and emomanager.php. Analyzer is a Byte Analyzer for SMS format debugging and reverse-engineering. Emomanager is a new feature in 0.8.8 that aims to provide regular expression maintenance for smilies assignment.... read more

Posted by Wahyu Budiman 2006-12-16

nVMGc 0.8.7 plus installation script

The nVMGc 0.8.7 release has been precluded with a database setup/installation script, as to conform with Feature Request #1612065 and #1613062

Installation script makes it easier to define your database and deploy the program in your (remote) machine.

The location of the installation script is http://localhost/nvmgc/setup.php. Substitute localhost/nvmgc with relevant path.

As for the package, file database.sql has been excluded since it is already implanted inside setup.php

Posted by Wahyu Budiman 2006-12-11

Bugfix in 0.8.5

If you are having problems with MySQL syntax in exporting messages, please immediately update your installation to 0.8.5 before submitting bug report.

Another updates in 0.8.5:
* Graphical Interface Enhancement. Feel it yourself :)
* CSS workaround
* All export file will be saved in /export.txt file and overwritten every time newer export action takes place
* Beautified Byte Analyzer

Posted by Wahyu Budiman 2006-12-08

Interface enhancement

A graphical user interface will be implemented in the next 0.8.5 release. The design will improve the overall look of the program a bit. This upgrade confirms a feature request ID #1608321 although cannot be completed thoroughly.

The interface upgrade is aimed to provide a stylish feel during operation since it only covers a small part of the program, not the whole bunch classes.

Posted by Wahyu Budiman 2006-12-06

nVMGc 0.8.4 Released

New features in 0.8.4:

* Added algorithm to read messages that belong to Draft folder in Nokia mobile phones
* On-the-fly category sorting for every message during conversion operation. Sent Items will be categorized as Sent Items, Draft as Draft, and Inbox as what you have typed in the Output File Name (sounds weird?)
* Included Byte Analyzer (analyzer.php) to analyze each message byte-by-byte. Useful for debugger because you can spot the problematic message by a click. Just point at any messages during Read Operation and click the link. New window will open to view the raw structure of the messages. Use this tool to report unconvertable messages.
* Date cut-off for Messages.Viewtime class. Default cut-off date is the latest 90 days-old messages. Only available in class Messages.Viewtime at the moment.
* Implemented Regular Expression to extract contact number from messages. Fixed contact-number extraction major problems. Limited to 20 digits plus the "+" sign prior to phone number.

Posted by Wahyu Budiman 2006-12-05