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nVentory 0.7 released

Add a node search box to the dashboard

Ignore has_one, through associations to work around what appears to be a bug in Rails.

Clean up the sample data code, and hide the "Setup Sample Data" link on the dashboard if the database has data in it.

Modified the Perl client to always register nodes using their FQDN, rather than whatever the hostname command returns. This ensures compatibility with the Ruby client, and with etch if etch is configured to use an nVentory server for node grouping data. Both of those use the Facter library to get the hostname, and Facter only has facts for the short or fully qualified name.... read more

Posted by Jason Heiss 2009-04-12

nVentory 0.5 released

nVentory 0.5 has been released. This is a major update from the alpha1 release[1]. There are many new bits, here are some highlights:

- Ruby and Perl command-line clients, both can gather a bunch of data about a node and register it with the database
- Advanced search capability for nodes, searching on any aspect of a node (i.e. show me all nodes with an Intel CPU running CentOS 4)
- Simplified the data model a bit, replacing various specific types of grouping with a generic, hierarchical "node group" model... read more

Posted by Jason Heiss 2008-08-25

nVentory released

nVentory, a Ruby on Rials datacenter inventory management application is released today on Sourceforge under the MIT/X11 license.

nVentory enables the sysadmin to keep track of what servers are deployed, what they are doing, where they are in the DC, and more.

Posted by vidavee 2007-04-23

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