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More languages, new website, update for v3.x

We have now French and English (New Zealand) languages for v3.

New Zealand English is default download at the moment.

  • some fixes to make Game work better under Linux. If you have troubles running the game under Linux (e.g. game hangs) try v3.0.2
  • scale to bigger/smaller than 1024x768 resolution
  • editor (3.0.1) now work properly for "language_COUNTRY" localisations.

check "Files" section.

There is also new website for the game -

Posted by maslovalex 2012-11-26

v3 is out

It is not the Christmass as it was expected, but anyway we are happy to announce The Number Race version 3.
So far there is only Swedish language pack available, but more coming soon.

It has some changes compared to v2.x.x, so I encourage to give it a try ;)


Posted by maslovalex 2012-04-10

NumberRace is the project of the month !

What a surprise :)
Check it out -

Posted by maslovalex 2011-11-08

v3 is on the way

Thanks to the Finnish developers at the Niilo Maki institute (, a new improved version of number race (v3) is on the way. Release is expected by xmas 2011.

Posted by maslovalex 2011-10-31

New version

5/5/08: ATTN: The Number Race is currently between versions, the new version is only available in Finnish. For other languages when downloading make sure to look in "older downloads" for version 2.3.

Posted by Anna Wilson 2008-05-05