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Xerxys OS

As there has not been activity on this project for years, I hereby announce that the official successor of the NucleusKL project is the Xerxys OS.

Be sure to visit our Wiki (english):

Or our Board (mostly german, but you are invited to post threads in english, too):

The project homepage will redirect you to the Wiki, too.

There will be a discussion to merge the two codebases in our board soon (as I'm going to start it ;-) )

Posted by Jens Mühlenhoff 2006-07-07

New release online

Since 2004-09-05 there is a major update. Version 0.05 is out.

Posted by TDS 2004-09-05

Next stable version

We are working on a stable release. Full protected mode, multitasking, driver support, etc. Release date will be in the middle of september.

Posted by TDS 2004-09-02

Status Update

There has been a very long time since the last release (more than a half year!) and there has neither been a major CVS update nor news.

But we are still working on NucleusKL and we made much progress :-). The things you can expect for the next release of NucleusKL include:

- Floppy disk support
- FAT file system support (mainly FAT12)
- Timer correction (more accuracy)
- Multiboot support (GRUB can load Nucleus!)
- Multitasking... read more

Posted by Jens Mühlenhoff 2004-07-01


We are working on our Homepage to give You some more information on the project. At the moment the homepage just contains a link to our Forum, so if You have questions, comments or ideas just visit our new Forum.

The URL of the English version is
The URL of the German version is

Posted by Jens Mühlenhoff 2004-03-27

Version 0.01a2 released

Yesterday, we uploaded the next alpha release 0.01a2. See the changelog.txt inside the binary archive for more details.

Unfortunatly we already discovered the first bug. Nucleus crashs if you "hack" directives too fast into your keyboard. There is a fix, but we will release the next alpha version soon, so this fix will be included then.

Except some more news in the near future (maybe even this or next week).

Posted by Jens Mühlenhoff 2003-11-12

Next version almost there

We now have 5 members and are working on the next release. It will have Floppy support and a running Console. Maybe we can also finish some Vesa Code for other Video Modes. It won't take that long to do these things, but we don't have a release date yet.

Posted by Jens Mühlenhoff 2003-08-25