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waht abaut a param for no visibility of window?


  • Darryl Dixon

    Darryl Dixon - 2005-06-27

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    I assume that you're referring to the Windows build? The
    problem is that the window/no window option must be
    specified at build time, as I'm packaging it. I suppose
    that I could build two versions of the exe, one with
    console, one without; but that will further bloat the size
    of the download...

    I'll have a think about this one.


  • Dev Null

    Dev Null - 2005-09-16

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    Its a brutal hack, but it gets the job done...

    I worked around this - windows build only, obviously - with a
    visual basic script invis.vbs, containing:

    CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """" & WScript.Arguments
    (0) & """", 0, False

    and a batchfile launch.bat containing:

    wscript.exe "c:\program files\APS-0.98
    \invis.vbs" "runserver.bat"

    (you have to have wscript.exe in your path, or specify its
    location.) Like I say, not pretty, but you can run with
    runserver.bat and have it visible, or launch.bat and have it

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Since dev_nll is calling "runserver.bat", I think he may be
    using the source version. In that case, a less brutal hack
    may be to just change the filename of "main.py"
    to "main.pyw" - that will invoke the console-less Python
    interpreter instead.

    Of course, with these hacks, you actually have no way to
    terminate the process except via Task Manager. Maybe a
    solution for terminating from localhost should be added as
    a feature request instead.

    As for the compiled Windows version, maybe you could offer
    two separate downloads? That will avoid the bloat issue of
    the individual downloads, and leave the choice to the user.


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