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NSpring / News: Recent posts

New members added!

I'm really pleased to announce that five Forgers have decided to collaborate on this project: gilesforster, chinna145, fazlazen, sourcepaul, and jauren. We're currently forming a plan for the coming months. Please sign up to be notified of new package releases.

Posted by Jeffrey Varszegi 2003-10-22

Version 1.1 is released

This release contains the newest performance enhancements; a message can now be logged in ~5-10 nanoseconds on a capable workstation. The next release will contain a new job-scheduling package, and should occur in 2-3 weeks.

Posted by Jeffrey Varszegi 2003-10-21

Version 1.0 is released

This release contains a fully-functional logging system for .NET, as well as a few useful collection classes. The next release will occur in four to eight weeks, focused on logging enhancements, collections, and task-scheduling code.

Posted by Jeffrey Varszegi 2003-10-14