Jim Michaels - 2012-05-18

one would want to know what database executable exactly you are going to execute. also, you need to consider that some people's database has a user account on it. and you don't know their password. well, maybe. it can be detected in my.ini in xampp. it depends upon WHICH installed server package (xampp, bintnami, wampp, lampp,etc) you are working with I suppose...

it's likely to be a big installer file with lots of code in it, or a DLL you must write with all that string searching and manipulation code in there.

probably need to keep a 64-bit "current place" file pointer using fsetpos() and fgetpos() in 64-bit mode.

while (filesize != current file pointer) {
read block of text to search for (line, whatever).
current file pointer = fgetpos().
search for string using c++ or C using stristr or string.find()
if (string found) {
rewrite the line to temporary file what's appropriate or append the right code.
} else {
fsetpos(current file pointer)
output current line.
current file pointer=fgetpos()