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Moved over to Google Code

Migrated the project to Google Code as well: http://code.google.com/p/nmap-parser/

Posted by Anthony G Persaud 2007-11-19

Nmap-Parser New Website

To make it easier on myself to keep up to date: http://nmapparser.wordpress.com

Posted by Anthony G Persaud 2007-06-13

Nmap-Parser-1.10 Released!

After a long time, I've gotten a chance to work on this module again. Made sure it was working with the latest version of nmap and parses some new tags correctly.

Posted by Anthony G Persaud 2007-06-13

New Nmap-Parser website!

The old website has been trashed, for a new (more easier to manage and update one). Please check it out at http://www.nmapparser.com

Posted by Anthony G Persaud 2005-07-02

Nmap-Parser-1.01 Released! (finally)

After much rewriting and reworking - I'm finally proud to announce that 1.01 is released. Why not 1.00? Well, I didn't like my CPAN file just having a 1 by its name. Also it did pass 7 of the CPAN testers, so it should be good to go.

Please read the documentation carefully because there have been MAJOR changes. (If you don't want to install and have all your old script breaking). I know some people are going to get mad because of the major changes, but trust me they had to be done. In most cases, you should like the new framework.... read more

Posted by Anthony G Persaud 2005-07-02