#12 Portable use doesn't read/write to ini file in NppToR folder

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J. Ledvina

When running as a portable application, NppToR still stores settings in %APPDATA% instead of its own folder. Also, some odd behavior with the path to Notepad++: the relative path launches Notepad++, but not after restarting NppToR; the full path never works. Version 2.5.3 did not fix the problem.

See this forum thread for a little more information: https://sourceforge.net/projects/npptor/forums/forum/880832/topic/4099968

I would have bumped the thread, but I noticed your request that people use the tracker.


  • Andrew Redd

    Andrew Redd - 2012-07-03
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  • Andrew Redd

    Andrew Redd - 2012-07-03

    on my machine the settings are being saved to the proper place. That portion I am rejecting, until I can duplicate the error. I am confirming the Notepad++ path error.


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