notepad.getFiles() only returns two entries?

  • FriendFX

    FriendFX - 2012-12-12

    Hi, I am very new to npppythonscript, but have been a happy user of NP++ and python developer for quite some time.

    I am currently trying to get all open filenames in NP++, by using notepad.getFiles() …but that only gives me two entries, even though I have one file open in the left view and five open in the right view.

    Playing around with re-arranging the views and order, the notepad.getFiles() output changes - sometimes, even files are listed which are non-existent (such as "New 3", which I had created and closed without saving earlier).

    Am I using the wrong function or is this a bug?

  • W P Blatchley

    W P Blatchley - 2015-10-14

    I get exactly the same symptoms here. Has anyone else seen this? Is there a known problem?

    • Sasumner

      Sasumner - 2015-10-15

      I'm noticing the following behavior with NPP 6.8.3 and PS 1.08:

      given NL = number of file tabs in the left (main) view
      and NR = number of file tabs in the right (secondary view)

      notepad.getFiles() returns correct data when NR <= NL

      notepad.getFiles() returns incorrect data when NR > NL. In this case, it appears to internally cap NR at NL.

      To say this in a non-nerdy way, if you have more file tabs in the secondary view than the primary view, it doesn't return all of the files in the secondary view.

  • W P Blatchley

    W P Blatchley - 2015-10-15

    Yes, this appears to be a bug. Is there a formal way to report it?

  • Sasumner

    Sasumner - 2015-10-15

    You are pretty much in the right place (the right site) for reporting it. I don't know how committed the author (Dave Brotherstone) is to the Pythonscript plug-in these days. I hope the answer is "very" but I don't see a lot of activity by him here anymore. I think without Pythonscript I would not use NPP, so it is obviously pretty important to me.

  • W P Blatchley

    W P Blatchley - 2015-10-16

    I can to NPP before I ever found out about Pythonscript, but now that I know about it, I'm just coming up with more and more uses for it.

  • W P Blatchley

    W P Blatchley - 2015-10-16

    Not sure, but I think I may have found the bug. If you look at the getFiles() implementation here:

    you can see that it loops over each view (0 and 1), but then it uses the view int as-is in the call to NPP's NPPM_GETNBOPENFILES message. But according to the documentation ( ), that message requires the constants PRIMARY_VIEW or SECOND_VIEW, which I don't think are 0 and 1. I think the fix would be to change the line that reads:

    count = (idx_t)callNotepad(NPPM_GETNBOPENFILES, 0, view);

    to read:

    count = (idx_t)callNotepad(NPPM_GETNBOPENFILES, 0, view ? SECOND_VIEW : PRIMARY_VIEW);

    I don't have an environment in which I can build PythonScript myself, but if someone wants to try the above fix, I'd be interested to hear how it went...

    Last edit: W P Blatchley 2015-10-16
  • Sasumner

    Sasumner - 2015-10-16

    I think you are likely correct. A search of the NPP source code yields that

    SECOND_VIEW is 2

    Somewhat interestingly, another call to callNotepad() a bit further down on line 261:
    bufferID = callNotepad(NPPM_GETBUFFERIDFROMPOS, pos, view);
    is supposed to use another set of defined values for "view":
    "view should be MAIN_VIEW or SUB_VIEW"
    In this case, however, MAIN_VIEW is 0 and SUB_VIEW is 1, so it works because the view variable aligns with that.

    Whomever introduced PRIMARY_VIEW and SECOND_VIEW really muddied the waters here, in my opinion.

  • W P Blatchley

    W P Blatchley - 2015-10-16

    Whomever introduced PRIMARY_VIEW and SECOND_VIEW really muddied the waters here, in my opinion.

    Yes, I agree with that. Though I can see why you might want to disassociate your constants from the actual numbers used (to avoid "magic" numbers), in this case I think it would have been wise to keep them in step. ALL_OPEN_FILES could happily have been 2 or something totally different like -1 (if signed is okay).

    Anyway, like I said, if anyone can try patching the source with the above potential fix, I would be very grateful. This bug is actually causing me headaches now!

  • Dave Brotherstone

    Thanks for tracking this down - if that's right, that should be pretty easy to fix. I'll have a crack at it over the next few days (prob won't be the weekend, sorry!)

    If you could raise an issue that'd help.



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