Margin Click Notification Callback

  • Jim

    Jim - 2014-04-27

    Thank you thank you.

    My project is niche, but I'll let you know if it ends up going anywhere.

    The plugin is meant to talk to the SketchUp Ruby Debug Server:

  • Jim

    Jim - 2014-05-10

    Just a quick update - I saw you committed the required changes to the GitHb repo. I managed to get the plugin to compile after a few days of struggling. Looks good. The args to the MARGINCLICK callback are working.

    toggle_breakpoint:{'position': 1903, 'code': 2010, 'margin': 1, 'modifiers': 2}

    So thanks!

    • Dave Brotherstone

      Great, sorry I've not had chance to release it yet. I've had a crazy busy
      couple of weeks. Hopefully get chance this weekend.

      • Jim

        Jim - 2014-05-10

        An official build would be greatly appreciated. It would help eliminate the uncertainties I have with my PythonScript.dll file.


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