How to select files from tab 2 ad 7 to compar

  • Anonymous - 2010-08-20

    Assume I have opened currently 11 files in 11 tabs. Now I want to compare the files from tab No2 and tab No 7 with the Compare plugin. How do I tell the Compare plugin to compare exactly these two and not e.g. tab 3 and tab 9?

    Moreover: Assume I compared two files (the compare view is currently open): How do I switch back to the "normal" view with the 11 tabs without all Compare stuff?


  • Fool4UAnyway

    Fool4UAnyway - 2010-08-20

    To switch back, choose the Clear Results option in the Compare plugin submenu.

    If not already present, the Compare plugin will move the last document in the primary view, to the secondary view (split-screen). Then it will compare the last document (previously before the last) in the primary view to the document in the secondary view.

    You can move any document (No 7 in your case) to the second view by selection the Move to other View option in the right mouse button click popup menu.

    You will have to move the tab No 2 to be the last one in the primary view. You can drag it to the end of the tab bar: just click on it, hold the left mouse button down and move the mouse to the end of the tab bar until it cannot move any further. Then release the mouse button.

    If you choose the Compare option in the Compare plugin submenu, No "2" will be compared to No "7".

    You can use the Move to the other View option again to get rid of the secondary view. No "2" and No "7" will be the last documents on the tab bar. You can drag them back to their original positions as described above.


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