Spell checker Plug-in Config??????

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  • Chuck Brotman

    Chuck Brotman - 2010-05-03

    I just installed NPP, followed by aspell (both to \programfiles\  When I try to use it  I get the message saying that aspell is not installed or I need to reconfgigure the "relative path… Relative to what?? should I install Aspell in the NPP directory? the NPP/Plugins directory????

  • Paul B.

    Paul B. - 2010-05-14

    I have a similar problem. NP++ says it wants the correct path to the aspell dll. Except that there is no dll in the Win32 package I installed.

  • AndyS01

    AndyS01 - 2010-05-24

    Same here.  I tried an absolute address and I even tried the 8.3 address (d:\PROGRA~1\Aspell\bin), but it still shows the popup.

    I have the dll in the Aspell folder, but for some reason, it's not seeing it.  Perhaps there is a config file that needs changing?

  • Colin Graf

    Colin Graf - 2010-06-08

    i got the same error until i installed a dictionary

  • AndyS01

    AndyS01 - 2010-06-08

    I installed a dictionaly too, but it still failed.  Can you give details about how you did the dictionary install?

  • Henrik

    Henrik - 2010-07-01

    Who uses 32 (x86) or 64 bit, there are some who use standard user account??

  • Karim Sharif

    Karim Sharif - 2010-07-08

    I would seem that the aspell install doesn't for some reason put the apsell/bin directory into path. At least this is the case for me (Windows 7 Home / 64bit).

    The solution is to add it to the system path manually:
    - Right click on "computer" in the windows menu; choose properties
    - Click on "Change Settings" at the bottom right of the pop up window
    - Click on the new dialog's "advanced" tab
    - At the bottom, there is an "Environment Variables…" button, click it.
    - In the second section (System Variables)  scroll down until you see "Path"; select it.
    - Click the "Edit…" button
    - On the end of the text line add:
       ;C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspell\bin
    - Two things to note here; 1) the path above is for the 32 bit install on a 64 bit OS, it could be something different on your box…. look first. and 2) you must not delete the other items in the list!
    - Click the OK button
    - Restart notepad++, spell check should work fine.

    I've recently wanted "auto spell" check available, as well as better configuration options so… I ran out and wrote my own plug-in also based on aspell…. if your interested: http://squiggly.sourceforge.net/
    Note that it's alpha so there are bound to be mistakes but, it has a much larger feature list then the one bundled here.

    • michael redbourn

      Worked for me on 64 bit - thank you!

  • Anonymous - 2010-12-21

    The settings given by ksharif  do not work on Win7 32 bit. Notepad++ still asks for a relative path and defaults to ..\Aspell\bin.

    As another mentioned the aspell is in c:\program files\Aspell\bin    -      Notepad++ is in c:\program files\notepad++

    The relative path from Notepad root to Aspell/bin is ..\Aspell\bin   So why is Notepadd++ not seeing the aspell dll?

    I also tried ..\ .\Aspell\bin

    Notepad++ is otherwise a great program, but it is worthless without a spell checker.

    Sometimes I can get this to work, but I have to go through this trial and error every time I re-install it since I never remember how I did it previously.

    This is getting very weary. I am about ready to abandon any and all open source programs since they all seem to have problems like this with little to no resolutions from support.

    Something so fundamental to a program like as a spellchecker this should not have such problems, and should not be so difficult.

  • Karim Sharif

    Karim Sharif - 2010-12-21

    Hum, interesting point of view!

    Well, first please note that the plug-in is still beta software, so no, there is no pretty installation, that removes the user from any thought however, it does work, you just have to understand how dll's and windows works first (an understanding of software engineering really helps to).

    Second, if you want open source that just "works" try ubuntu, I've yet to run into a pc it doesn't "just work" on (and spell check is everywhere by default).

    Third I agree, something as fundamental as a spell checker belongs everywhere. That's the same frustration that drove me to write the plug-in in the first place

    Fourth, I only wrote it because I HAD to work on windows. This is no longer the case, and my day to day machine is once again a wonderful UNIX based box (hence the lack of progress)

    Fifth, while I understand your frustration, note that I wrote the plug-in for my personal use, and was kind enough to give it back to the community. You shouldn't be so hard on those of us who at least care enough to give back instead of trying to suck the last remaining penny out of your pocket.

    Last, if you want professional support, on a closed platform (which Windows is), then indeed maybe you aught to be sticking to commercially supported software. You should know I spent the equivalent of 3 working weeks just researching windows programming (my background is UNIX) not to mention the additional effort of just getting the details working… if you were to pay a reasonably priced developer a fair wage for the time it took to develop what I passed on, it would be thousands of dollars. Now consider just how much everybody else who's contributed to npp has given, not to mention just how much a simple application is really worth when you get it for free.

    Now, If you like, I would be more than elated to give you a branch and commit access to the subversion server, and you could help out by making the spell checker a better product… work out the few remaining bugs, and maybe even produce a nice installation package? Personally I don't have the time right now, and until the plug-in starts paying the bills, I'll have to give priority to the company that is contributing my pay check ;-)

    Sorry about your frustration, hope it starts working for …

  • Henrik

    Henrik - 2010-12-23

    I got  it to work with  ..\Aspell\bin

    I had to go through my aspell  installation and do a  test of it.
    … Man, Etc …
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspell\bin>aspell.exe -c 123.txt
    Actually it was just that I do not have a dictionary installed.


  • Henrik

    Henrik - 2010-12-23

    I got it to work with ..\Aspell\bin

    I had to go through my aspell installation and do a test of it.
    … Man, Etc …
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspell\bin>aspell.exe -c 123.txt

    Sorry that I had to send the post again.

    Actually it was just that I do not have a dictionary installed.

  • Anonymous - 2010-12-28

    Dear ksharif:

    I did not wish to imply anything negative about any hard working programmer. But, since I am disabled with orders from doctors to avoid stress, and also very poor, living on less than $1000 per month, and running one of the largest websites for Catholics on a volunteer basis, open source programs are important from a financial perspective. But given the frustration problem of dealing with products that are essentially patch-worked whereby things often do not work as advertised is too much and a danger to my health. This is one reason I did not use Firefox for many years. I do use it now - I just have to write down the plugins that I typically use in order to find them quickly should I have to do a re-install.

    I guess the alternative is to skip about a week's worth of meals and buy UltraEdit, which does about the same thing as Notepad ++ for a cost, or find a donor.

    Sorry for my frustration.

  • Karim Sharif

    Karim Sharif - 2010-12-28

    I see, well… I'm sorry your struggling, I genuinely understand your position, and feel for you, I pray things get better.

    Now, we all have our stories and are struggling, lets refrain from bringing our personal frustrations out in the forum, remember, this is a place to group and ask for help, not to lash out when your feelings get hurt… you get more bees with honey than vinegar!

    Software takes time to mature, and this plug-in is in beta, it does work but it need attention to correct a few items, and an investment of time for things that people normally take for granted… like a proper installation with more attention between the link of the spell check library, and the plug-in itself. Unfortunately, I don't have the time right now myself to invest, however, I'll be happy to help you install the current version. Here are the steps you should take:

    1) Install Aspell from scratch, using the win32 installer
       - This only installs the lib in; Program Files/Aspell/bin
       - Here is a link to the installer; http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/aspell/w32/Aspell-0-50-3-3-Setup.exe
       - Make SURE the bin path is in your %PATH% variable. This is
         the #1 reason for the plug-in to NOT work
       - Here is a link that describes in detail about the system env variables:
       - Make SURE it's in the SYSTEM path not the USER path (very important or it will work
         for only one user)

    2) Install a language pack.
       - I'm not sure which language you will choose but, for me it's English
       - Here is a link to a page with all the language packs; http://aspell.net/win32/

    3) Make sure NPP is installed correctly
       - If you use the defaults it should be in; Program Files/Notepad++

    4) Install the plug-in
       - All you have to do, is drop the .dll file in the plugin's dir and should look
         something like;  C:/Program Files/Notepad++/plugins
       - You can download the dll here:

    That's it, now open a new document. By default squiggly will check .txt files, but you can ask it to auto-spell check anything from the plug-ins menu.

    Let us know how it goes

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-03

    This is also not a place to patronize. My feelings are not hurt. geeze. What a rude thing to say. I was only being polite since I was being patronized. My evaluation is shared by many people about the problems of Open Source programs and usual lack of documentation and typical lack of help .

    I will give you credit that this is rare event, from my experience, that questions are actually answered.  I have seen dozens of questions where there is no response at all and people are left hanging.

    Notepad ++ and your plugin are not new. I guess maturing take longer than my lifetime ;) since I have little left.

    I will try your instructions one last time. and sign off here.

  • Karim Sharif

    Karim Sharif - 2011-01-03

    Interesting you think that 8 month old software isn't new (the initial Squiggly plug-in was just written in June 2010), most commercial (good stuff anyway) takes longer than that to get a polished product to market. Just remember, squiggly will get worked on as I have additional time to do so, or until somebody else decides to submit patches or helps work on the source tree.

    As far as forum responses, I've been writing and using open source software since 1993, and can only say it's the rare occasion when people don't respond but hey, I guess we all have different experiences.

    Good luck with getting it working, let me know if you would like help get a more polished version of the plug-in ready.

  • AndyS01

    AndyS01 - 2011-01-08

    I have seen lots and lots of posts about Aspell installation.  It seems that most of these could be avoided if the help popup detailed the steps for installing, like this:
       1) Download and install Aspell Win32     http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/aspell/w32/Aspell-0-50-3-3-Setup.exe
       2) Download and installed a Precompiled Dictionary     http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/aspell/w32/Aspell-en-0.50-2-3.exe
       3) Add the full path to the Aspell bin directory to the Windows path. (e.g. C:\Program Files

    Also, the "can't find library" popup says to put in a relative path to the DLL file, but does not say what it is relative to, so some clarifying text would help.
    The plugin's popup suggests path is ..\Aspell\bin, but that implys that the path it's relative to is any subdirectory in the parent of Aspell (e.g. C:\Program Files\anything).  This is very confusing, so the help text should say that it's looking for the directory that the DLL file is in, relative to the directory Aspell is in.
    So actually, wouldn't that be ./bin instead of ../Aspell/bin?
       C:/Program Files/Aspell/bin is the same as
       C:/Program Files/Aspell/../Aspell/bin

    Even better, the plugin should be asking for the Absolute path to the directory the DLL is in.  That would clear up a lot of confusion.


  • ShadowMasterCM

    ShadowMasterCM - 2011-03-03

    I am not sure if this answered on another topic here, but since this is an active thread, I figure its worth posting here

    I had installed NPP on a system using Windows server 2003, and after some noob fumbling I managed to figure out to install the spell checker there.

    So I tried to install the spell checker on a second system, running Win 7. NPP seems to have installed just fine. Its the spell checker that I cant get 'work' properly.

    The troubleIm having is that it wont let me 'Learn' new words. I get some pop up about en.psl or something can be edited of something. I dont have this problem on the 2003 system, just the 7 system. I have tried to unistall/ reinstall using all the various links above. Just cant get it figured out…

    Any ideas?

  • Karim Sharif

    Karim Sharif - 2011-03-03

    No worries, I wrote squiggly spell check, and try to monitor both forums (although not really that successfully). I wrote and tested the lib on a 64 bit Windows 7 box, so it should be compatible. Please forward a screen shot  of the pop-up, since this is the first time I've heard of this particular error and need to dig deeper.

  • ShadowMasterCM

    ShadowMasterCM - 2011-03-03

    I didn't bother to include the exact message figuring it was something simple I was doing wrong, and you would be able to figure that out.

    The error occurs when I try to click 'Learn' for any word, when Spell-Checker is run…

    The exact message:

    The file"C:/Programs Files (x86)/Aspell/en.pws" can not be opened for writing

  • ShadowMasterCM

    ShadowMasterCM - 2011-03-03

    I might also add I have NOT installed the squiggly addon yet. still not really sure what it is or if I need it

  • Karim Sharif

    Karim Sharif - 2011-03-03

    OK, well now that you elaborated, no you didn't install squiggly yet. What squiggly is - a 'spell checker' replacement plug-in
    with the following features:
    - Allows you to manage multiple languages with multiple personal dictionaries
    - Allows you to choose whether or not to underline misspelled words with red squiggles
    - Has a quick replace feature with not only decent suggestions, but option number of suggestions
    - And much more

    You can find it at:


    The spell check feature in this particular thread being discussed is squiggly, so the solutions and issues will not pertain to the "bundled" spell check in the plug-in's manager.

  • Karim Sharif

    Karim Sharif - 2011-03-03

    Also, you can contact me directly at:


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