Fixing NPP 5.8.2 and function list

Gal Bracha
  • Gal Bracha

    Gal Bracha - 2010-10-12
  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-10-12

    Hey Gal!

    Thank you so much for this bugfix!
    Hope it'll work in later versions, too…

    Greetings =)

  • tHeRiDdLeR

    tHeRiDdLeR - 2010-10-15

    Hello Gal,

    thank you, thank you so much.

  • MarkInMLB

    MarkInMLB - 2010-10-15

    Any chance of convincing you to post those hints in this forum, Gal?  The geniuses in our IT group apparently believe your link is p*rn or something! :-)  Thanks in advance.


  • Gal Bracha

    Gal Bracha - 2010-10-16

    No worries :)

    My pleasure guys,
    And sure, the next post I'll put in here.


  • Ian zhao

    Ian zhao - 2010-12-13

    Great ! I have find it for long time !  so smart guy , thanks !


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