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Slackware 10.1 Patch

Submitted by Sander vd Burg

Posted by Ken Conrad 2005-09-20

Novel Client for Linux 0.91

The Novel Client for Linux now has login scripting. By embedding shell commands in login scripts using ;) to hide them from the Novell Netware client, you can automate your end-users' logins the same way they are used to in Windows. See the doc directory in the package for more details. Replaceable parameters and partial NetWare login script emulation are planned for the future.

Another major difference is in how Novel Client logs the user in. It used to just mount the server the same as you would mount a bindery server. Now it uses newer capabilities of ncpfs to cache your credentials. Once you are authenticated, you can mount additional drives from the shell prompt or login script by using the ncpmap command just as you used to use ncpmount except without needing to supply username or password. ... read more

Posted by Ken Conrad 2004-12-14

Updated SuSE 9.1 RPM

A new rpm was packaged by Donald Vosburg:

* It solves a permissions problem for the ncpfs binaries by creating a modified /etc/permissions.local file. Without this, the SUSE administration tools reset the permisions to root only and the client will not work.

Posted by Ken Conrad 2004-12-08