some simple fixes i'd like to see

  • m3wgz

    m3wgz - 2010-04-16

    i use windows xp and vista.  it would be nice to see the following minor fixes made:

    - notepad2 window title should be just the filename instead of the whole path.  since i always have multiple notepad files open at once, it's hard to look at the taskbar and tell which opened notepad file is which since i only see "C:\Documents an…" on the icon.

    - when opening the find window, it would be nice to be able to press escape to close the window since this is typically the default behavior of most windows dialog-style windows.  i know you can use alt+f4, but just saying

    - the user option for single instance per file.  for example, i don't know how many times i will open the same notepad file multiple times, make different edits to all of them, then realize i have to manually merge my changes into a single file before saving.

    other than that, notepad2 is pretty awesome for a simple text editor

  • m3wgz

    m3wgz - 2010-04-16

    as an amendment to my last point about single instances, what i mean is when you have hello.txt open, trying to open hello.txt again via file > open, shortcut, or opening the file from explorer would result in the already opened hello.txt becoming the active window instead of a new instance of the file opening.  you'd still be able to open multiple files so long as they have different names


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