Option : merge files ??

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Une option intéressante et qui peut être utile dans notepad++ :

    voir ici : http://winmerge.org/2.2/

    Alors ?

    • TheZeusJuice

      TheZeusJuice - 2007-06-22

      Hello Jens,

      Cool beans! I hadn't thought of a separate tiny plugin, but it does seem like a more flexible alternative.
      I can't wait to see how it turns out!
      With many thanks,


    • Martijn Coppoolse

      Hi Nobody/Anonymous (nobody),

      Being able to compare documents from within Notepad++ would indeed be handy, though I'd prefer leaving the choice of tool to the user; in some situations I prefer kDiff3 (http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net/) to WinMerge.

      Just launching an executable with the path of two files would be sufficient.

      Just out of curiosity: is there a reason that you refer specifically to version 2.2?  The most recent version is 2.6...

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      Salut Personne/Anonyme (personne),

      Ce forum est en Anglais, prière de composer tes messages dans cette langue. Sinon, peu de personnes arriveront à les lire.

      Pouvoir comparer deux documents dans Notepad++ serait utile, en effet.  Mais je préfèrerais laisser le choix du logiciel à l'utilisateur; perso, je préfère kDiff3 à WinMerge dans certaines circonstances.

      Démarrer un logiciel avec le chemin de deux fichiers à comparer devrait suffire.

      Je suis curieux, y a-t-il une raison que tu indiques la version 2.2 de WinMerge ? La version la plus récente est 2.6, notamment...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hihi ;)
         It's all fine and good to say "I'd prefer leaving the choice of tool to the user;" but, if there is a diff/merge tool integrated into the editor that they already use, and it's functional, why not use that instead of a third party tool that I have to reconfigure?  I've already got the capability of syncronizing scrolling between 2 windows, why not add the ability to "diff" those files and highlight the changes, or "merge" to open a set of context tools that allow me to merge file systems together?
         I love Notepad++ specifically because it already supports so many features for so many languages and coding styles, but I have to agree with the orrigional post, why not add in at least basic diff functionality to your multi-window existing setup, or at least merge a plugin to add that functionality...
         Perhaps some day when I'm not in so much of a crunch from doing the work of 3 coders all by myself I'll look into this kind of plugin myself, but for now, I can wait for somebody else to work on it.

      thx for listening to my ranting


      • Martijn Coppoolse

        Hi hi Shukaido!  :-)

        I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shoot the idea when I said "leave the choice to the user"!

        It's just that I thought it would be overkill to write a plug-in for this.  Here's my suggestion:

        Make "Run" parameters available for the *second* view as well, similar those that already exist, see

        For example:
        $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) or $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH:1) for the primary view, and $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH:2) for the secondary view.
        Or even:
        $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) for the current view (the one that has the focus),
        $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH:1) for the primary view,
        $(FULL_CURRENT_PATH:2) for the secondary view.

        And the same for all $(parameters), except of course NPP_DIRECTORY (or allow that too, but have it return the same value for both...)

        That way, any diff tool could be run from Npp++, with (I think) minimal programming effort from the team.

        If a run command using a parameter for the second view is used, when there is only one view active, you could:
        - either display an error message,
        - run the command with the values for the first view instead,
        - or show a confirmation prompt: "You're trying to run a command for the second view, but there is no second view. Would you like to run the command anyway, using all values from the current view?" [OK] [Cancel]...

        Team -- would that be an idea?

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          I agree with vor0nwe. His idea would allow Notepad++ to add the large array of available diff and merge tools to its feature set, whole also being the easiest way to finally give users a highly requested feature.

          I started using Notepad++ about two weeks ago and was instantly enamored with its flexibility and features. I was looking around for a Diff plugin for Notepad++, and was shocked to find there was none. I was especially surprised because my search turned up tons of users requesting it or lamenting its absence. A good Diff tool is something that most coders (the target users for Notepad++) would consider essential.

          What I love about vor0nwe's idea is that it combines:
          -minimal effort (just adding to the environmental variables in Run External Tools)
          -maximum result (you can use any diff or merge tool, and probably some other types of tools i haven't thought of)

          I'm surprised this didn't get any further discussion when it was first brought up.

    • Jens Lorenz

      Jens Lorenz - 2007-06-22


      My idea was to add plain text diff like CVS diff. The only need is to implement an output window. But this is still more effort than your suggestion. I think your suggestion is good idea. I can create therefore a small plugin. So there is no need to change Notepad++.

      The content of the plugin:

      - A window to configure the command
      - An icon for the icon bar (fast access to make a diff and the icon could be activated/deactivated if diff is possible)

      Best Regards