New plugin: Window Manager

  • Jens Lorenz

    Jens Lorenz - 2007-11-30

    Hello users,

    I proudly present my new plugin. The Window Manager.

    What does this program:
    Whit it you can have a short overview of your open documents in Notepad++.
    This overview is dockable and gave you the full capability as the tabs have.

    - Left click on a list item selects the document.
    - Right click opens the tab context menu from Notepad++.
    - When documents are opened in main and second view (by duplicate or move) also two lists are shown in dialog window.

    Download here the new plugin:

    Have fun

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Geert,

      please download version 1.1.1.

      Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Just tried, but seems it got some problems(or bugs??):
      1) "Right click opens the tab context menu from Notepad++", I have right clicked, but nothing happened.
      2) When I open few files, say 5 files, the list will show that 5 files, the list will not remove the closed files, I tried removing 4 files, the list still showing 5 files after that.

      And the following is some my opinions:
      1) Why use single click to open the tab? Why not double click? It's so inconvenience that I always open the tab suddenly as I don't expect it to.

      2) Why don't provide a search function just like the one Function List 2.0 have? I always open a lot of files and its difficult to found certain tab.

      3) Is a history function just like Function List 2.0, but with a drop down style, good? So that we can go back to the previous (or more old) used tab.

      4) Why the title header cannot sort the file name & path? I prefer this works like the Windows List built in Notepad++.

      Thanks for all your works on the plugins!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You should install the latest version of Notepad++ than right click will work.
      However in the meantime I found myself some issues. I fixed it and a new version come asap.

      Best Regards

    • DV

      DV - 2007-12-11

      Jens, did you notice the plugin doesn't work under MustDie9x?

    • Jens Lorenz

      Jens Lorenz - 2007-12-11


      here is the latest version and it should work also on MustDie9x ;). If not, let me know I will fix it.

      Change-Log of WindowManager.dll

      07/12/11  v1.0.1 :
      Fix: Update of file state. Now icons show the correct one.
      Fix: Now a timer notification updates the list to show correct info anytime.

      Have fun

    • jive

      jive - 2007-12-13


      The plugin is great. Love it!



    • steakhacher

      steakhacher - 2007-12-14

      This plugin is very good nevertheless it could be good if you reduce name in the tab of your plugin. If you have 3 plugin tab open: favorite windowmanger, and function list you have to use horizontal sroll to switch. There is already a good icon in the tab so you can reduce a lot name. WinMan, FuncLits, Fav or other name short wm, fl, fav...

      I think it is a very simple change but it good be good.


      • Jens Lorenz

        Jens Lorenz - 2007-12-20


        I did a change in Notepad++ docking. Hopefully Don implements the changes in next upcomming release.

        Best Regards

    • HorusEye

      HorusEye - 2007-12-23

      Hey man, you're my personal saviour of the day! I was so frustrated with the tabs that I was about to write my own windowmanager and then I looked in the pluginsforum and saw You've already done it! Great great great! Thanx alot!

      Oh, one improvement I'd enjoy would be the possibility to move around and sort the documents, let's say by clicking and draging them within the list.

      Merry Xmas!

    • GVC

      GVC - 2008-02-24

      Great plug-in, nice alternative for the many tabs open when you have lots of docs in the editor.

      One request:

      Is it possible to show the hidden part of the path name in a kind of tooltip, when you hoover over the different files listed in the Window Manager?

      Best rgds,