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  • Joao

    Joao - 2006-11-28

    QuickText 0.1 is out. Keep the discussion right here, please.


    Next updates:
    - windows form to manage the tags in the INI file.
    - notify if inside/outside a QuickText hotspot.
    - blah blah

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I got this error too.

      Win2000 SP4
      QuickText 0.2

      First it works.
      Now a few days later it didn't.

      The first error message: "MSVCP80.dll is missed."

      The second error message: "Load Library is failed. 
      This Plugin is not compatible whith the current Version of notepad++ ... ".

      Then NP++ starts and works.
      QuickText is not in Plugin menu.

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2007-04-15

        I chcked the QuickText project settings again and I think that I identify the problem :
        Configuration properties -> C/C++ -> Code Generation -> Runtime library : Multi-threaded Dll(/MD)

        The value *Multi-Threaded Dll(/MD)* makes the binary use the share dll's routing on the runtime instead of the static link.

        Use *Multi-threaded (/MT)* instead (so static link) should solve this problem.

        João, could you fix it so that I can include your plugin in the next release?


        • Joao

          Joao - 2007-04-18

          Hi there, Don!

          I've been a bit away from QuickText but I promise I'll finish 1.0 by May. I have already lots of code done and lots of ideas. I'll contact you then.

          Thanks for the interest and sorry for the delay.

          • Nobody/Anonymous

            Hello Alph,

            you didn't response for my mail. Did you remember? What do you think about my suggestions?

            Best Regards

          • Don HO

            Don HO - 2007-04-24

            FYI :
            I recompiled your project (old version certainly) in MT mode. The binary is much larger (180 ko vs 60 ko) but there's no dependacy on other dll.
            The binary is included in v4.1 RC (see : http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1721492&forum_id=331753 ).

            Let me know if there's a new release available.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Is there any chance of someone recompiling the binary of this plugin using Don's suggestions above so it will work until Alph is able to bring out the enw version.  It's a fantastic plugin but I cannot use it on the majority of PCs I use due to this error.

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2006-11-28

      With my v3.9, the message box is displayed on the launch time for QuickText Plugin:

      Fail loaded.
      This plugin is not compatible with current version of Notepad++.
      Remove this plugin from plugins directory if you don't want to see this message on the next launch time.

      I can not help you because the exception is not thrown by Notepad++ Plugin Manager, I suppose it's a link or compiling problem.


      • Joao

        Joao - 2006-11-28

        Try to use the Debug DLL. (I released it just now)

        Just see if it does not output any errors, cause that's not the actual 0.1 version, it has little updates, so it's normal if it doesn't work fully... or at all. :D

        Later this week, I'll release 0.2, with these updates.

        • Don HO

          Don HO - 2006-11-29

          No, it doesn't work neither...
          The same message is displayed...


    • Joao

      Joao - 2006-11-28

      Humm weird, I tried it in a couple of different machines.

      I'll try to figure it out.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      with the v3.8, the plugin work ok, a suggestion, change the ctrl+enter to other conbination of keys to on demand for everyone.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      the symbol ; is not work.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      is there any key to jump between hotspots in code like this
      <img src="$" title="$" alt="$" width="$" height="$" />?

      thx dave

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm building 0.2 now, and the ; problem is fixed (; if for commenting in INI files).

      And yes, if you continue to press CTRL-Enter you will jump between those hotspots. :)

      • Don HO

        Don HO - 2006-12-30

        Where can I find the binary to test?


    • Joao

      Joao - 2006-12-31

      Wait, I'm adding many new small features, and many tags to various languages.

      I'll possibly make the GUI also for this release.

      I'll give some news real soon.

    • Joao

      Joao - 2007-01-04

      QuickText 0.2 is out. (Only works in Notepad++ v3.9)


      Bit more stable, and more robust. Get it while it's hot!

      Please send all your favourite tags to alph_DOT_pt_AT_gmail_DOT_com . I'll manage to include them in a newer version.

    • Joao

      Joao - 2007-01-04
    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I tried to run QuickText 0.2 (whith Versin 3.9 and 4.0 RC), but I still get the error message:

      Load Library is failed.
      This Plugin is not compatible whith the current Version of notepad++ ...


    • Joao

      Joao - 2007-01-07

      Well, please do make sure it doesn't work in 3.9, and that it's QuickText that's issuing that error message.

      I've tried it in many different sittuations, and it always worked fine.

      • Nobody/Anonymous


        I've tried the QuickText Plugin on my computer at work and
        it works fine. Great Plugin!

        But when I try to run it on my machine at home, I get always
        the error message "Load Library is failed.
        This Plugin is not compatible whith the current Version of notepad++ ... ".

        I run on both computers WinXP SP2 and notepad++ Vers. 3.9


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      How about "Match case" option?

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      I don't know if this issue has been looked into but I get the same error as Guenter

      Load Library is failed.
      This Plugin is not compatible whith the current Version of notepad++

      I've installed first 4.0.2 and then 3.9 - same error with both versions. I'm running Windows XP SP1.


    • Enrico

      Enrico - 2007-03-28

      When I disable a language from the language menu, the plugin doesn't show the language name in the config dialog, it shows an empty item.

      Maybe it should do one of the following:

      1- hide the disabled language in the plugin dialog (my preferred);
      2- show the language, but with its name.

      Best regards,


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