Creating a plugin with MinGW

  • Seppo Raisanen

    Seppo Raisanen - 2008-09-30


    I am trying to create a plugin with MinGW compiler. Currently I have got so far that N++ does load my plugin, but plugin context menu does not contain any text I try to set there and I don't have any idea how to proceed.

    Relevant parts of the code below, full sources and compiled dll available here:

    const int nbFunc = 2;
    FuncItem funcItem[nbFunc];

    BOOL APIENTRY DllMain( HANDLE hModule,
                           DWORD  reasonForCall,
                           LPVOID lpReserved )
        switch (reasonForCall)
            case DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH:
                funcItem[0]._pFunc = Func1;
                funcItem[1]._pFunc = Func2;
                strcpy(funcItem[0]._itemName, "Test 1");
                strcpy(funcItem[1]._itemName, "Test 2");
                funcItem[0]._pShKey = NULL;
                funcItem[1]._pShKey = NULL;
        return TRUE;

    extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) FuncItem * getFuncsArray(int *nbF)
        *nbF = nbFunc;
        return funcItem;

    It seems that I do set all of the required fields and provide them when asked, but "Plugins->TestPlugin" menu is empty (actually it contains few lines, no text)

    In compiling I use following command:
    g++ -c -o TestPlugin.o TestPlugin.cpp -DBUILD_DLL

    Linking DLL for N++ in MinGW seems to be tricky, currently I use following command:
    g++ -o TestPlugin.dll -Wl -shared -lshlwapi TestPlugin.o
    This seems to be okay for N++, because it won't complain about non-multithreaded DLL (will do that, if I use the "-export-dynamic" argument that example suggest)

    I think there might be something wrong when linking... Any ideas?

    • Seppo Raisanen

      Seppo Raisanen - 2008-10-01

      I tried redefining that APIENTRY, didn't help.
      But I got around this problem just by initializing that funcItems when I declared it.

      So managed to create small plugin then: alt-up changes to previous file and alt-down to next one :)

    • Seppo Raisanen

      Seppo Raisanen - 2008-10-01

      Well, found the reason...
      DllMain does not get called.

      If I have code like this:
      BOOL APIENTRY DllMain( HANDLE hModule,
                             DWORD  reasonForCall,
                             LPVOID lpReserved )
          ::MessageBox(NULL, "DllMain", "", MB_OK);

      I'll never see that message box.

      Any ideas why this happens?

    • Harry

      Harry - 2008-10-01

      I had this with MinGW and TextFX, I believe APIENTRY isn't correctly defined. You may want to manually define it, for example something like
      #define APIENTRY __stdcall
      though that's for the VS compiler, not sure how MinGW likes that.

      Also, you could try to initialize funcItems inside getFuncsArray()


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