• Nobody/Anonymous

    Does this app support VI? If so how to I enable it? Cheers.

    • giosico

      giosico - 2005-09-29

      I too am curious ... does NP++ do VI?


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        i think the "vi" mean by the thread starter is...
        is that Notepad++ supports "vi" editing functions; such as "shift + G" will direct us to the end of page.
        i also hope that Notepad++ can support vi editing functions!!

        correct me, if i''m wrong.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      vi plugin would be great yes

    • Don HO

      Don HO - 2005-09-29

      if "VI" you mentioned is editor vi, then I done't understand what you mean.

      Otherwise I don't think so since I know nothing about "VI"