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  • reboot_imt

    reboot_imt - 2005-06-28

    just wondering if there yet exists a list / readme of some type which shows which regular expression syntax is supported ?

    • Paulius

      Paulius - 2005-07-26

      according to what i have found in the npp sources, npp uses scintilla regular expressions with POSIX flag set.
      As i found in scintilla docs ( ).
      In scintilla docs it says that "\(" and "\)" must be used to tag some part of regexp, but because of POSIX flag - it's vice versa - "(" and ")" for taging, "\(" and "\)" for literal brackets. And so on.
      Scintilla (and npp) has a very small subset of features found in perl or posix regular expressions. It won't be as useful as grep and such.

      But, maybe you want to implement some more powerful regular expression find/replace by writing plugins... It is possible you know... ;)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      That's what I ask myself too.


    • Furia

      Furia - 2005-07-26

      Just a simple comment on what regular expression standard n++ supports would already help us...
      For example: perl's, VB's, java's, javascript's, PHP's, C#, Python's, unix egrep or grep, PCRE C library.

      See: for interesting info.


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