Requesting info on how NP++ handles EOL chars please, comparison to Notepad Win7 EOL style too...

  • Wayne Fisher

    Wayne Fisher - 2013-01-12

    Hi, I'm a bit new to NP++ and just learned about EOL chars in files. My goal is to consistently get text files uploaded to an FTP server with the EOL style set to CRLF. I'm using NP++ and my boss is using Notepad under Win7 (boo hiss). Doesn't Notepad in Win7 strip out CR on save? Also what is the default for NP++ for handling CRLF. I can edit the file using EOL conversion to fix. I've needed to fix when I see byte size mismatches between local and remote files. However, I'm just trying to get ammo on Notepads behavior and how NP++ works. I suspect Notepad Win7, is stripping out our CR EOL chars. If I confirm that Notepad is causing us grief when my boss edits (because Notepad Win7 is his goto editor) I can get him using NP++ and stop the CR EOL char stripping. He keeps telling me my NP++ is the issue of course. Could I have made a weird setting in NP++? Please advise, hope I wasn't to verbose. /wf

  • cchris

    cchris - 2013-01-13

    How do you upload and download the files to/from FTP, and how does your boss do it?

    I'd suggest both of you use ASCII transfer mode. That way, EOL changes between local and remote files are handled transparently, and both should set EOL setting to DOS/Windows (that is, CR+LF).



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