Column Mode and FTP editing

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi there,

    just a note about two possible features that, I think, Notepad++ do not have:

    - Column Mode editing (ie selecting text as a square, not sequentially)
    - FTP editing (ie open/save files via ftp)

    anyway, thanks for you precious work

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Personally, I would like to see ftp editing. I read a comment above basically saying that they would like separate programs for separate tasks. I disagree. I think it is quite annoying and time consuming to have to open separate programs every time I want to do something. At the moment I am having to open N++, my ftp program and a web browser at the same time to work on my website. Wouldn't be easier with one program that could do everything? Maybe. A program that could edit, test and upload would be great in my opinion.

      I still think it would be useful to have a ftp plugin. The plugin is definitely the way to go, because then all those people who don't want it can ignore it while all those who do still get what they want.

      Also, some ftp programs include the ability to edit the files in a specified editor (e.g. N++), or at least mine does. Thats all well and good, but it doesn't really solve the problem.

    • Brandon M Aiken

      Brandon M Aiken - 2007-04-23

      I agree with Robert Romberger.  An editor should be an editor.  If you want an IDE, get an IDE.

    • Charles Andrews

      Charles Andrews - 2007-04-30

      So if some of you are saying, an editor is an editor, I think the File->Open menu should be removed.  If you need to edit something, open it from a third party app. NPP should not be in the file system browsing business. 

      I think we can all see how ridiculous that statement was.

      I love NPP so far, except for lacking this one particular feature. (A killer for me)

      I can understand a project having a direction it wishes to grow in, but a feature such as this should not just get the old brush off because some don't use it or can't see the need. An editor can have all the most useful features in the world, but if is unable to get/open the file I need to edit, it is useless.  The ability to open a file, any file, anywhere, is huge.

      I have no idea how to do it, but I really need this feature.  For my use is mostly remote editing of files on any number and type of "headless" systems. I rarely have the luxury of having direct access to a keyboard and monitor on these systems.  I currently use UltraEdit as it provides for this, but the cost of upgrading is starting to be to much for me.

      So, I will study the plugin system and make an attempt at something that will use sftp to get/put files remotely. Maybe a wrapper type thing for "putty"??  
      No promises, no time frame, I have no idea what I'm doing(with this system), or how much time I can devote. But I'll look.

    • Robert Romberger

      - Column Mode editing (ie selecting text as a square, not sequentially)

      Q : Does Notepad++ support column mode selection?
      A : Yes. Alt-Shift-Arrow keys or Alt + left mouse click. See Shortcuts page to get all Notepad++ shortcuts.

      - FTP editing (ie open/save files via ftp)

      I keep seeing this requested and I think I should speak up and say why I think it is a Bad Idea. The folks that most want this would like to edit server config files and Web html/script files. First problem - you edit the file via ftp and suddenly your server or Web server stops working because of a little typo. Of course, the edit was quick and dirty, but you should TEST the change first just to make sure you typed it in right. And in the case of Web sites, don't you test the changes before deploying them to a production (public) Web server? Second problem (related to the first) is where's the backup? Just in case the little change goes south, isn't it nice to have a backup to revert to? You do make backups, right? Letting the web hosting company do the backups is never enough. Imagine the web host does nightly backups and you change (edit via ftp) seven or eight pages on your site, screw up one edit via ftp, and then have to have the web host reload your site from their backup. So much for all of your changes, you've just doubled your work. Edit via ftp is a sure way to screw something up really bad, and just because it hasn't happened to you yet doesn't mean that it won't happen. NP++ is a great editor that really doesn't need a loaded gun grafted on to it.

      a major --- vote for ftp editing

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        IMO, a program shouldn't dictate best practices.  Those users that would save via ftp to a production environment before testing will just do so with a separate program.  Having this feature would save a step and make using this program that much more convenient and, dare I say, more popular.  When changes are necessary on my websites, I ssh into the server and use joe to edit a test copy of the page, do my testing, backup the original and then copy the test over it.  It's not the job of a file editor to ensure that I'm not a moron - I can and will make bad decisions all on my own regardless of how hard I have to work to do so :P

        The most notable feature of ultraedit for me was save via ftp, and I sure would love to see it available as a feature in npp.


        • Robert Romberger

          It isn't so much about dictating best practices, but in keep functions separate. An editor should be an editor, not a bloated program that contains an editor, word processor, ftp, whathaveyou, all in one. That is precisely why I don't use emacs, ultraedit, cuteftp, etc. There are too many functions that I don't and/or will never use to justify the cost of a download and/or purchase. N++ is an editor that does what it is supposed to do - edit text - and why I came to use it.

          FWIW, I use WinSCP (that allows me to specify an editor - N++) to make quick edits in place. I don't do this often, but I do have the option if I need it. However, I'll note that I am using two specific programs to do two specific tasks. Adding ftp, scp, sftp, etc. to N++ would only increase the size of N++ and the code complexity. Why would you want to add a function to something that is already perfectly working in another program just to say - "yeah, we have that too"? There are already a number of different ways to make in-place, ftp edits using ftp/file manager programs that can call N++ as the editor to want to see ftp functionality (and headache, bloat, bugs, etc.) be a part of N++.


          • Nobody/Anonymous

            Since you say an editor is an editor, is it possible to make a plugin that will do it, so that the users who want it can have it, and the users who don't want it, don't have to have it?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i suggest: do spelling first, ftp/sftp later

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I work in a LAN: I usually develop application on a "development machine", NOT my local machine, throught ftp.
      so i can't use NP++..

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for Column mode suggestion.

      About FTP: let me say that it is matter reguarding the user, not the application. You are right speaking about methodology but I think that this should be a good feature anyway.

      BTW it is possible to install something like netdrive.exe by novel to view an ftp server as a local drive.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I too would like to see certain FTP functions added.  I don't need the editing feature but rather just for browsing and opening remote files locally (but no way to send edited files back up).  Currently, if I map a Unix folder in Windows (using Samba) and a file has the date and time as part of the name, it shows up as ~ and not the date, therefore making it hard to tell which file I want to open.  However, if I FTP to the Unix server I can view full file name even if the a date and time are part of the file name.

      Also, is it possible to add "modified date" in the Explorer tab for sorting purposes?

      On a side note you have done an awesome job of developing this program.  I was able to add SAS systax highlighting and love the block highlighting feature as well.  Kudos to you and many thanks!!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I too would love to see FTP saving and uploading in Notepad++

      sure, there are programs out there that do FTP, but for quick edits it would be wonderful.

      as for the "best practices" and "possibility of screwing up" that is all the users decision and fault if they screw up.

      I currently use Notepad++ to save multiple FTP files, and it would be wonderful to be able to download, edit, then upload the files all using Notepad++.

      I manage...
      2 counter-strike servers... everytime i need to change something i have to open Filezilla, download the file, edit the file, save the file, exit out of n++, upload the file... this may be Config files, or the admins file, or whatever, but it would still be a nice feature.
      I also manage my website...
      which is all Freeware/Firefox extensions... the main reason i stopped updating my site was due to lack of a good freeware text editor that would allow me to connect to my server, download the file to a temp directory, edit the file, save the file and upload it...
      I also have a couple Php files i use for my signature i use on forums, this feature would allow me to make quick changes to it, and upload easily efficiently.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I use a Windows machine and my codes are on an another Linux machine. So FTP editing is a good idea, like tsWebeditor.

    • AlcidesFonseca

      AlcidesFonseca - 2007-04-14

      I use a webserver for TESTING purposes (and another one for production).

      So FTP edit (along with SVN) would just be great.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Just chiming in to say that FTP editing is the only feature I miss not having in NPP.


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