Request windowsVista bar

  • CDR

    CDR - 2008-09-26

    Request windowsVista or Windows7 bar
    Please create a bar of menus like the windowsVista. and replace the old system of windows95

    • Airdrik

      Airdrik - 2008-09-26

      You mean a ribbon? 
      The ribbon isn't specific to Vista; XP versions of MS Office 2007 have it as well. 

      On the one hand it might be nice to have a ribbon (or something similar) giving a set of commonly used commands and settings. 
      On the other hand, this is a text/code editor, and most people would rather have more text area and less toolbar area for the editor window. 

      Also, adding a feature like this seems a rather large request, so don't be surprised if you don't see it any time soon.

      On another hand, it would be interesting to experiment with new paradigms for user interaction as applied to text/code editing to determine better interfaces for applications like Notepad++. 

      • Daniel Spawn

        Daniel Spawn - 2008-09-30

        What would be awesome is to have that as a theme or something, because I agree with im2crazy4u: Ribbons are annoying

    • Bob Uncle

      Bob Uncle - 2008-09-30

      Gah!  No ribbon please. It is the biggest single reason why I won't use Office 2007.

    • CDR

      CDR - 2008-09-30

      Windows7 has in almost all applications with ribbon menus