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Shift + Home bug? and smart highlight color

  • DJiK

    DJiK - 2008-08-29

    On very long line, with the automatic wordwrap turned on, the Shift + Home or End shortcuts returns to the begin or end of the entire line.

    In all other software (and without Shift) it's only the befin or end of the current part of line (the line on the screen automaticaly cut).

    Don't you find this is a kind of bug?

    And is it possible to change the smart highlight  and the matching tags highlight color? Because it's generally a gray too dark to see my text. :-(

    • Harry

      Harry - 2008-08-29

      Please update to the latest version with the _installer_ so you can use the styler configurator to change the colors of tag highlighter, your stylers.xml is probably out of date

      As for the home key, maybe the shortcut you need is in the shortcutmapper, under Scintilla. There are many options

      • DJiK

        DJiK - 2008-09-23

        OK, but if it suppresses my stylers.xml, I will lose the colors I spend hours to set... :-|

        I copy-paste the line I missed from the new stylers.xml. It works, thanks for pointing the problem. Does the installer do that or erase all config?

        And OK for the shortcuts, I find it too. :-) That's better like this! Thank you for your help.

        • Harry

          Harry - 2008-09-23

          The installer will only add new elements, your original styles will be kept as they were.

          • DJiK

            DJiK - 2008-09-23

            Oh, great. So I will use installer on next update. ;-)