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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    i have a 'problem' with functionlist 2.0 alpha - can anybody help me to create php rules witch will correctly display funcions list (1 class, 2 functions) for this test file:

    class class_test {

        function test1() {
            //comment {

        function test2() {

    commented line make test2 dissapear from funtction list :(

    here is my php config from FunctionListRules.xml :

    i`ve tried with diffrent settings (even those from c++ rules) and so far i`m out ideas. i don`t know is it my fault, or it`s a bug in functionlist 2.0 alpha.

    any help is welcome :)

    best regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      i`ve forgot to write: i use notepad++ 5.0.2 :)