NP++ 4.1.2 Crash with full Plugin set

  • jmg_

    jmg_ - 2007-05-31

    On install (win2000) the newest Np versions crashes on startup.
    This has occured before:
    If I then rename the plugin dir, it starts OK, and if I create
    a new plugin subdir, and move in Explorer, LightExplorer, HexEDit, NppExec,
    DLLs it still seems to start OK. (so one of the remaining DLLs, or combination,
    is the problem).

    One version older, was ok.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Try to download the latest version of Explorer, HexEdit and SearchInFiles:

      Best Regards

    • crnobs

      crnobs - 2007-06-03

      On Win 98SE, I experience no crash, but when "functions list" plug-in pane is active, editor pane gets garbled (is not refreshed). Function list pane itself, however, IS refreshed regularly when I keep switching between tabs. When I tried to run Explorer plug-in after the garbling occurred, I've got message box "God damn exception: 25", followed by program crash. It is even possible to kill Windows (well, OK, Win9x/ME branch is notorious for being to feeble to defend itself) playing with Notepad++ after problem already appeared.

      Notepad++ is 4.1.2, Functions List plug-in is v1.2 final. Machine has 256MB of RAM.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Ok, Notepad and Function List version are clear, but:
      - What is the Explorer version?
      - Could you explain what you did step by step?
      - Could you create some screenshots?
      - Please show the complete list of plugins.

      - Try to use only Function List v1.2, Explorer v1.4 and Notepad v4.1.2.
      - Does the problem still exist in this case?

      Best Regards


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