To Don and Jenz - Tag highlighting

  • jive

    jive - 2007-04-30

    I've posted this a thousand times, with no answer at all from the devs. I find the bracket hi-lighting feature
    fantastic. It has made my life 10 times easier. I'm asking for this to be done only with html tags. For example, in complicated nests, it would be nice to be able to click on the opening html tag and have the closing html tag that it pertains to highlight.

    Don & Jens, is this feature possible? Or in no way to be considered. Begging for this feature!


    • Greg Bullock

      Greg Bullock - 2007-05-14

      NP++ takes advantage of functions already supplied by the Scintilla component DLL for locating the matching braces.  If that component also had routines for finding a matching html tag, then it would be comparably simple to add that option to NP++.  Alas, it does not, so as it stands, someone would have write that code for either Scintilla or exclusively for NP++.  As Jens observes, this is certainly possible, but it takes more effort than what you were expecting.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This feature is possible, but anyone has to develop it. A small plugin is IMO a good solution to realize it. But we, Don and I, have no time to create this plugin.

      Best Regards

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Surely with bracket highlighting this should be no problem to create? Could you not just rehash alot of the code that you used for bracket hi-lighting?


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