Feature request - go to column

  • cimenta

    cimenta - 2007-11-11


    can somebody add a feature go to column. Go to line exists I just need go to column.

    Can we also have bookmarks for columns?

    Thank you,


    • pshute

      pshute - 2007-11-13

      I think this has been asked for before.

      As a workaround, are you aware of the multi-view feature?  This would let you have two synchronised views of the same file, side by side.  If you need to constantly refer to, say, the beginning of the line and say, column 348, then this would help you.

      See http://notepad-plus.wiki.sourceforge.net/Multi-ViewHowTo for details of how to use it.

      • cimenta

        cimenta - 2007-12-30

        Hi pshute,

        thank you for the article. It might help time to time. But I need to go to different columns all the time.


        • pshute

          pshute - 2008-01-03

          Another idea that might help you: define a macro for moving, say, 50 characters to the right.  That would help you to more quickly find the column you want.  E.g. to get to column 512, press the macro key 10 times, then the arrow key for the other 12. I assume you know that the current column number is displayed in the status bar?


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