Suggestion: Single, Double & Nested Quote

  • admin

    admin - 2009-05-30

    Notepad++ comes with *Brace and Indent guideline Highlighting* feature.

    it would be quite handy if Single & Double Quotes are also Highlighted when typed or place cursor, in pairs like (,{ or [

    while coding PHP or JavaScript, i often find it difficult to track open quotes or matching/closing nested quotes.

    ===== an example of my messy code =============================================

    $html="\n<a name=\&quot;".$h_number.'"><br/></a><div class="tp"></div><div class="hdtp"></div><div class="hd">'

    .'<div class="dls">'
    .'<a href="" onmouseover="t(this,' ."'3','','','');\&quot;>Page Title</a><br/>"
    .'<a href="?#book-' . $b_number .'" onmouseover="t(this,' ."'1','bk". $b_number ."','','');\&quot;>Book-$b_number: $b_title_truncated</a><br/>"
    .'<a href="#chapter-' . $c_number .'" onmouseover="t(this,' ."'1','ch". $c_number ."','','');\&quot;>Chapter-$c_number: $chapter_title_truncated</a><br/>"
    .'<a href="#' .$h_number .'" onmouseover="t(this,' ."'2','','','');\&quot;>H Number: $h_number</a>";


    • Thell Fowler

      Thell Fowler - 2009-05-31

      Highlighting of the matching braces, this is a scintilla function.

      As for highlighting matching tokens/tags/delimeters/etc...  well, that would typically be a function of the specific language styler ( lexer ) in use.  Some, like the PowerShell external lexer plugin track quotes, literals, here-strings, escapes, and more making it easier for the coder to read what they wrote; others, like the HTML styler matches do similar but with respect to the mark up language or embedded scripting language in use.


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