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#3 Platform independant network gaming


The actual implementation is using DirectPlay.
It would be nice to redo the network gaming using
TCP/IP only


  • Stephane Denis

    Stephane Denis - 2005-04-05

    Logged In: YES

    Here some more information.

    There game has a cooperative play mode, with up to 16
    players at the same time.

    There is an interface to write described in sysnetw.h
    The NET_ClientDriver : Defines some entries point of the
    The entries point are Initialize which initialize the
    network engine.
    The network engine then create a list of connection. A
    connection is TCP/IP, Modem, IPX. I think just TCP/IP would
    be fine.

    After selecting a connection mode, the network needs to
    create a list of session. If I remember, anybody can join a
    network game at anytime. A session can be a list of server.
    On DirectPlay, the server list is defined thanks to a 'GUID'

    Finally, there a CreateNewSession (create a session) and
    join Session. There is no 'dedicated' mode sadly.

    When joining a session, a list of player can be retrieved.

    Finally, there is the SendData / ReceiveData function for
    sending and receiving data, and a Synchronise function
    (don't know if it is used here).

    The game was proven to work pretty well in network mode, so
    if the
    NET_ClientDriver is rewritten correctly, it should work fine.

    There is a test in lt_menu.c line 1554
    if ((g_SGSettings.GoToBrief!=2)&&(RLX.System.Id==RLXOS_WIN32))

    The RLX.System.Id==RLXOS_WIN32 should be changed to, for
    example || RLX.System.Id==RLXOS_LINUX in order to activate
    the multiplayer menu within the game.

  • Andrew

    Andrew - 2005-04-07

    Logged In: YES

    Also include co-op play if you can :)


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