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noflushd 2.7.1

I just released version 2.7.1 of noflushd. This is mostly to address bugs that turned up in the new support for the 2.6 Linux kernel series. Most notably, a problem causing immediate spinups with these kernels should now be fixed. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

Posted by Daniel Kobras 2004-03-07

noflushd 2.7 supports kernel 2.6.

Today, noflushd 2.7 was released, allowing users to spin down their disks on systems running Linux kernel 2.6.x. Laptop users will find configuring noflushd easier than before because the defaults have been adjusted with a standard setup in mind.

Posted by Daniel Kobras 2004-01-20

noflushd 2.2

Mea maxima culpa! noflushd 2.1 contained a stupid bug that prevented disks from spinning down. The new version fixes this, and even better, SourceForge seems to be well again, so I was finally able to put up the new release.

Posted by Daniel Kobras 2000-12-29

noflushd 2.0 released

Version 2.0 of noflushd has been released. It has undergone a major reorganization of source code. User visible changes should be low, but support for multi-disk setups was greatly enhanced.

Posted by Daniel Kobras 2000-11-14