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noeGNUd-0.8.2 released

This release's primary motivation was the release of NetHack-3.4.2.

changes as follows:

* nethack-3.4.2 support
* single choice options in character generation chosen automatically
* char selection rolenames dont only use male rolenames anymore (eg caveWOman)
* nethack's 50 milisecond "delay" (eg for showing moving zaps and throws) timing can be adjusted in config
* deet & littlehack patches updated to use nh 3.4.2
* variants can reference a different variant tileset-reference to the one they are named as
* slashem-0.0.7E3 support

Posted by Clive Crous 2003-09-05

noeGNUd-0.8.1 released

This is primarily a patch/bugfix release.

changes as follows:

keypad enter = enter
'space' is invalid menu char _ALWAYS_
rgba for individual windows, like positions
inventory scroller offset reset on window hide
maximum texture size cap as an option
minimap shortcut key (TAB)
shortcut key to hide entire gui temporarily
fix lighting glitch on mouse cursor light
raise dungeon light levels slightly
texture loading glitch on systems with max texturesize of 1024x1024
make "record game" query optional and defaults it to off
"black" draw in unexplored areas when monsters move, leaving "trails"
opening credits screen, killed "Options" button
a few other small changes

Posted by Clive Crous 2003-08-25

noeGNUd-0.8.0 released

This is the largest single release todate, changes to numerous to mention here, check the changelog ( ) for more details.
This release adds support for two more variants/patches :
SLASH'EM's support is updated to 0.0.7E2.
Two new tilesets added (see screenshots area for samples and which variants support them):
Sound support has also been added. Only basic nethack-style sounds for now, just edit your nethack config file as you would for other interfaces. Two sample packages with pre-setup config's are included.... read more

Posted by Clive Crous 2003-08-12

noegnud-0.6.0 released

what more can I say ;)

many structural changes and stability fixes in this release.

enjoy !

Posted by Clive Crous 2003-05-01

noegnud-0.5 released

ah another release,
much "visual" change in this release ..

happy hacking people :)

Posted by Clive Crous 2003-03-26

noegnud-0.4 released

why such a quick release ?
mostly to fix the missing triangles bug on some win32 systems.

Welcome to Slash'em :D

noegnud-0.4 supports nethack-3.4.1 as well as slashem-0.0.6E4F8!

please check your config files in you home directory, there are quite a few supported options which dont yet have menu-accesable areas to change their values.

Happy Hacking :)

Posted by Clive Crous 2003-03-17

noeGNUd v0.3 released

ah, finally
this i consider the first "should be stable" version
also sees the return of the win32 version

happy hacking :)

Posted by Clive Crous 2003-03-09

noeGNUd v0.2 released

.. what more can I say :)
it uses nethack 3.4.1 (of course) ...

get it get it get it !!!!!!

happy hacking :)

Posted by Clive Crous 2003-02-26

more noeGNUd-0.1 binaries released

installed an rpm and the game wont start ?
this was intensional
i was just checking if you were all paying attention.

there is a problem with the rpm, unfortunately not being an "rpm guru" i just used checkinstall, it seems to have fuddled the permisions somehow, a quick fix would be to do this _after_ installing the rpm:

chgrp -R games /usr/local/games/noegnuddir/ /usr/local/games/noegnuddir/*
chmod 770 /usr/local/games/noegnuddir... read more

Posted by Clive Crous 2003-02-21

noeGNUd v0.1 released.

This is the first of the releases, full 3d not yet implemented, however a fully playable nethack UI offering 3d "text-mode" and multiple tilesets is available. all interchangeable at realtime.

Posted by Clive Crous 2003-02-18

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