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If you think there are data in NMRShiftDB which are not correct, i. e. are unlikely from the viewpoint of chemistry or physics, report this here. Do not use this tracker for errors in the nmrshfitdb software, i. e. male-functions in the system. Use the bug tracker for this. If you want additional functions in nrmshiftdb, use the feature request tracker.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated
33 Wrong import of MolID 10018819 None open Christoph Steinbeck 2010-06-28 2012-12-05  
32 missing hydrogens on 10022204 None open 2009-07-31 2012-12-05  
30 diisopropyl ketone hNMR None open 2009-04-21 2012-12-05  
23 19F Shift (354.3 ppm) ??? None open 2007-11-28 2012-12-05  
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