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Nmap::Scanner / News: Recent posts

Version 0.8 released

Version 0.8 released; contains a change in port event handling; the XML element <addport> was removed from nmap, which broke the port found event handler code in Nmap::Scanner, this version fixes that issue.

Posted by Max Schubert 2005-04-26

Version 0.7 released!


Version 0.7 is now available for download! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release :).


Posted by Max Schubert 2004-03-07

Welcome to mmanno!

mmanno has accepted an offer to be a developer on this project. He has contributed significantly to the version .7 release and I am very glad to have him be a part of this project. Welcome and thanks!

Posted by Max Schubert 2004-02-19

Move complete!

Project move complete. Releases back to .5 are available for download along with latest development releases.

Posted by Max Schubert 2004-02-12


Welcome to the Nmap::Scanner module project. We are in the process of moving in to, so some parts of this project may be incomplete for a few days.


Posted by Max Schubert 2004-02-11