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NLKAIN 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 has been released. This release introduces an object-oriented Fortran 2008 implementation in addition to the existing Fortran 95 and C implementations. The interfaces have been harmonized between the implementations, and a simple cmake-based build system replaces the static makefiles, which required hand editing. The NKA example program has been extended in the Fortran 2008 implementation to allow various problem and method parameters to be set on the command line. This will enable easy experimentation to get a better idea of how NKA behaves. Also included is a special C++ implementation by Markus Berndt that is designed to work with the NOX package from Trilinos. This code was used to generate the numerical results published in the paper Nonlinear Krylov Acceleration Applied to a Discrete Ordinates Formulation of the k-Eigenvalue Problem, M.T. Calef, E.D. Fichtl, J.S. Warsa , M. Berndt, and N.N. Carlson, J. Comp. Phys. 238, 2013.

Posted by Neil Carlson 2013-06-01

Fortran 2003 implementation

A prototype Fortran 2003 implementation of the accelerator has been committed to the source repository. The methods have been implemented as type bound procedures and the user-defined dot product function as an object-bound procedure pointer. I'm announcing this on the off-chance that someone is interested in experimenting with Fortran 2003 features. I've developed this using the NAG 5.2 compiler; I'd be interested in experiences with other compilers.

Posted by Neil Carlson 2010-02-15

NLKAIN 1.3 released -- Independence Day!

I'm pleased to announce the Independence Day release of version 1.3 of NLKAIN. This release adds a C implementation of the accelerator, which finally gives C/C++ code developers the freedom to try out NLKAIN. No other changes have been made other than some rearrangement of the distribution tree. See the Files area to download. Comments and feedback are encouraged, as always.

Posted by Neil Carlson 2009-07-04

NLKAIN 1.2 released

Version 1.2 is released. This is the first release under the NLKAIN name and is essentially identical to FPA version 1.1.1 except for the renaming of some objects. See the Files area to download.

Posted by Neil Carlson 2006-10-14