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The BViewer project is currently built using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional. Although 64-bit versions of the projects are configured, there are socket and other problems in Microsoft's runtime libraries. Rather than rewrite the affected parts of the software, the author decided to stick with the 32-bit version, which has been tested successfully on 64-bit systems.

Technologies used by the BRetriever and BViewer software include sockets, multithreading, Dicom network interfacing, Dicom file decoding, 8, 10 and 12-bit greyscale image bit depth support, JPEG file reading of 8-bit, 12-bit and 16-bit grayscale images, and PNG graphics file generation and rendering. Standard reference images and subject study images are stored and displayed as encrypted PNG files. For security reasons, they cannot be read by other PNG file viewers.

Customizations of the libpng and jpeg libraries are are included. These do not need to be rebuilt as the needed libraries are in the lib folder. The source is included for possible future modifications, as well as for open source licensing requirements.

The BRetriever project produces a Windows service (aka daemon). The ServiceController project provides a user interface for controlling and monitoring this service. BRetriever can also be controlled from the Windows Service Controller. For debugging, there is a boolean switch in ServiceMain.cpp that will switch the executable so that it behaves as an ordinary program instead of a service.

To reproduce the installable product, you must rebuild BViewer.exe, ServiceController.exe and BViewer.exe.

To produce a product installation executable, your newly-built .exe files must be copied to the ..\Install\Files directory, replacing the previous versions. The installation is built using the Inno Setup Compiler, Copyright Jordan Russell (thank you, Jordan), which is available online. The author used version 5.2.3. Using this program, open the file ..\Install\BViewer_1_0.iss project file. Compile it. The resulting Setup.exe file will show up in the ..\Install\Output folder.

The system requirements for running the BViewer programs are given on the [Technical Requirements] page.

Information about the origin and history of the project is provided on the [Credits] page.

Browser-compatible user manuals are supplied with the source files.



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