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nicebashing 0.9 is out!!

After a long while, there is a new release of nicebashing!! Many improvements and feature, such as the nb synchronization across all the servers you work with - almost automagically.

Posted by Alexei Znamensky 2009-07-23

nice bashing 0.3 released

This is a bug fix release, with few extra features. No biggie.

Posted by Alexei Znamensky 2008-02-13

Wiki is on

The "official" page will be the wiki:

Posted by Alexei Znamensky 2008-02-13

Back to development

After a long gap in the end of year, I am back to development of nicebashing.

A new release should be out in a couple of days with bug fixes (yeah, we had some), and some new features, nothing major yet.

Then, in a few more days, a newly structured directory design is going to be out there.

Posted by Alexei Znamensky 2008-02-13

First Release

Release 0.2 is out there, pull it and use it!

All you gotta do is open the tar ball and run the nb-setup script on the sbin directory. Then open another shell and see the difference ;-)

Posted by Alexei Znamensky 2007-12-11