nzb patch added to 0.27

f k
  • f k

    f k - 2004-07-01


    well to add to the brutality of the brutal hack ... here is the original hack thrown in to v.27. I had to manually merge it, so if anythings off you're on your own. Plus my programing skills are less than needed ( thus the re-use of the original hack ).

    WARNING! I have tested it an it has not failed pulling down anything HOWEVER, the first couple times after it pulled down the files and did it's little par thing, it just chewed up cpu doing hell knows what. I did a CTRL-C and everything was there. I have not had it happen again so I'm not sure what it was.

    • Tong Sun

      Tong Sun - 2004-12-13

      nzb patch? cool, way too cool.

      Are you doing it to yourself, or it is officially in nget cvs?


    • f k

      f k - 2004-12-13

      I did redo the patch for 0.27 from the 0.25 version.  It is not in the cvs, from what i remember the developer wanted to write it properly with XML parsing ( i think ).  So this is a quick fix that has just been updated for v0.27

      oh, moved servers and realized i didn't move that over.  is now.

    • Tong Sun

      Tong Sun - 2004-12-13


    • Mark C

      Mark C - 2005-05-24

      is there anyone soneone could make a win32 compiled version of this patched source.

      appreciated if anyone can do it.

    • Mark C

      Mark C - 2005-06-03

      polite bump request for compiled win32 version.

      REALLY appreciated if someone could help me/the community out.


    • powadha

      powadha - 2006-03-30

      Seems that this forum isn't used much anymore but perhaps anyone with the answer does read it.

      I've patched to use NZB and it seems to work. No files are actually downloaded though.
      With the command:

      nget -G alt.binaries.boneless -n 69162.nzb -r lime

      Trying to download a version of limmewire just for testing. A lot happends on the screen but no actual downloading or decoding. Is this the right command or should I use it defferently?

      • f k

        f k - 2006-03-30


        your command args look fine to me.  are you getting the file parts downloaded to your tmp directory?  Have you double checked your paths?

        I wrote a how to ages ago, but give it a read. it may help in some way.


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