#24 timeout with nntpcache


My news server recently switched to using nntpcache
for serving some of its groups. While downloading the
headers (and when I get to it, also the bodies) from
nntpcache-3.0.1, after a short time the download stops
and then (after a while) the following error is displayed:

prot_nntp.cc:766:caught exception
sockpool.cc:59:TransportExError: nntp_getline:
sockstuff.cc:344: sock_read timeout reached (180s)
will try <server> again
nntp_group: trying again. 1

With other (binary) newsreaders, this problem does not
seem to occur.

I could reproduce this error by installing a local
nntpcache (but then again, this local nntpcache uses
the mentioned newsserver, so I cannot be sure at all)

I tried both nget-0.24 and nget-0.26.

PS: I really like nget! (And I miss it a lot now...)


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Set a higher value for timeout in .ngetrc. See man nget.

  • Matthew Mueller

    Matthew Mueller - 2004-04-05

    Logged In: YES

    Hm. That is pretty odd. Does lowering maxstreaming (or
    setting to 0) help?

    I can't really think of much else. Well, you could also try
    commenting out the HAVE_SELECT line in sockstuff.cc, which
    will completely disable the timeout mechanism.

  • Matthew Mueller

    Matthew Mueller - 2004-04-05
    • assigned_to: nobody --> donut

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