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nfsen-1.3.8 released - SECURITY FIX

nfsen-1.3.8 released - SECURITY FIX
nfsen-1.3.8 fixes a security vulnerability, which allows a remote attacker with access to the web interface to execute arbitrary commands on the host operating system. All users are encouraged to update to nfsen-1.3.8. Credits go to "Paul Taylor/Foregenix Ltd" who discovered and reported this issue.

nfsen currently undergoes a major upgrade. New features are not integrated in 1.3.8. Compatibility issues have been fixed. Supports rrdtool 1.5.

Posted by Peter Haag 2017-01-24

nfsen-1.3.7 released

nfsen-1.3.7 fixes a few compatibility bugs, to work with newer releases of PHP and Perl.
New Perl dependency: Socket6

nfsen currently undergoes a major upgrade. New features are not integrated in 1.3.7

Posted by Peter Haag 2014-12-27

nfsen-1.3.5 release uploaded

nfsen-1.3.5 is a bugfix release. See Changelog file for all details.

Posted by Peter Haag 2010-09-09

nfsen-1.3.4 released

nfsen-1.3.4 is a bugfix release to nfsen-1.3.3. 1.3.3 user shoudl upgrade to 1.3.4.

Posted by Peter Haag 2010-07-04

nfsen-1.3.3 released

nfsen-1.3.3 is a update release to support nfdump-1.6.1. It also includes bug fixes as well some smaller modifications. See the Changelog file for details.

Posted by Peter Haag 2010-05-28

nfsen-1.3.2 - a security fix

Due to double input checking, a remote command execution security bug exists in all NfSen versions 1.3 and 1.3.1. Users are requested to update to nfsen-1.3.2.

Other issues:
On some platforms mainly having Perl 5.10 installed, NfSen may run slower, then with Perl versions < 5.10.
This is due to changes in the module Sys::Syslog. User should upgrade to nfsen-1.3.2.

Posted by Peter Haag 2009-06-18

NfSen 1.3.1 released

Bugfix release of NfSen 1.3 incl. updates to run with new RRD versions etc.

Posted by Peter Haag 2009-05-11

NfSen 1.3 Released

NfSen - the graphical frontend for the netflow tool nfdump - is released as version 1.3 and available for downloading. It can replace all 1.2.x installations. NfSen 1.3 requires the netflow tools nfdump 1.5.6. See the README file for more details.

Posted by Peter Haag 2007-11-21

NfSen 1.3beta released

NfSen 1.3beta is available. It contains numerous improvements over 1.2.4. It implements new channel based profiles, a new alerting module as well as many user interface enhancements.

Posted by Peter Haag 2007-07-19

NfSen snapshots available

From time to time during a development cycle, snapshots will be available as intermediate releases. These are testing releases, take them with a grain of salt.

Posted by Peter Haag 2006-03-24

NfSen 1.2.4 released

Few minor bugs fixed.

Posted by Peter Haag 2006-03-08

NfSen 1.2.3 released

- Update processing form in details page to enable
nfdump 1.5 features and IPv6 output formats.
Quick fix till next version becomes ready.

Posted by Peter Haag 2006-01-12

NfSen 1.2.2 released

- Update NfSen to run with nfdump 1.5 tools

Posted by Peter Haag 2006-01-03

NfSen-1.2 released

See ChangeLog file for full description of all Changes.

Posted by Peter Haag 2005-08-30

NfSen Released

First public release of NfSen.

Posted by Peter Haag 2005-03-23

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