David O'Shea - 2013-04-28

What were the linker errors you got?

Passing "+goobers" on the command line causes the "goobers" console command to be executed once the game has started. That command gives you full ammunition, weapons and keys (and maybe health), which is not exactly what you want - you just want to enable cheats, but that is not something you need to do via the command line. All you need to do is start the game normally, then once you've actually selected a mission and difficulty level, hit the key to display the console, type "god" and hit enter to enable god mode, then hit the key again to close the console.

It seems to be a bug that if you pass any command on the command line other than "+set" - therefore including "+goobers" - and don't cause a map to be loaded using "+map " or "+load <savegame number="">", you end up with this black screen. "NewWolf.exe +map 1 +god" will start the game and automatically load map 1 and enter god mode, bypassing the startup screens and menu, without the black screen problem.