#29 NewPKI client hangs on startup (first time only)


Tested on:
Client version: 2.0.0-rc1 (Windows)
Server version: 2.0.0-rc1 (debian package)

When you start the Windows version of the NewPKI client
on a freshly installed database, the client fails to
start up the first time, instead hanging on the
'Initializing SSL Layer' dialog box indefinitely. If
you then go into the Windows XP Task Manager and kill
the (client) process, then restart the client again
everything works fine. Upon subsequent restarts the
client works flawlessly.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Stop the NewPKI server.
2. Remove all databases used by that NewPKI server,
including the "newpki_server" database.
3. Restart the NewPKI server.
4. Start the NewPKI client.
5. Client hangs with "Initializing SSL Layer" dialog.
6. Start Windows Task Manager.
7. Kill the client process.
8. Start the NewPKI client again.
9. Client starts as it should, with the dialog box
asking you whether you want to accept the new SSL

Actual results:
Client hangs with "Initializing SSL Layer" dialog.

Expected results:
No hang

(I have reproduced this several times on two different


  • Frédéric Giudicelli

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  • Frédéric Giudicelli

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  • Petr Mifek

    Petr Mifek - 2008-08-24

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    A can confirm exactly the same problem here (Debian server 2.0.0+rc1-3 and Windows client 2.0.0rc1). After client kill and restart it is working. No glues in logs though...


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