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Netwatcher - simple network monitor / News: Recent posts

"production" release

Not that it is very thoroughly tested but a few bugs that surfaced are fixed, and the thing ran in production environment for a while. No problems so far. So, I am calling it production release to encourage people to try it.

Posted by Eugene Crosser 2001-09-17

"Late" beta is out

All urgent things that constituted the TODO file are done now. Maybe not in perfect way but version 0.91 should be complete and usable. Also some documentation is ready.

Posted by Eugene Crosser 2001-08-29

Early beta release

NetWatcher monitors have been reasonably stable for some time now; I've uploaded the most recent versions and called it release 0.93.

Now, at last, core NetWatcher has (almost) all planned functions operational (but not really tested any much), so I am releasing 0.90 and call it "early beta". Give it a try.


Posted by Eugene Crosser 2001-08-15

LAll monitors work

All monitors that I have are now working.
Give them a try. The only thing missing is
configuration editor...

Posted by Eugene Crosser 2001-08-06

Console::Display works

Status display seems to work with the database
filled by "oldwatcher" (in CVS).

Posted by Eugene Crosser 2001-07-17

"New" netwatcher in progress

Finaly CVS tree got imported and so I started
updating "new" object-oriented version.
For now, NetWatcher::Report seems to be fully

Posted by Eugene Crosser 2001-07-16