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Released netscript version 1.7.1.

added -@, to switch netscript to the UDP protocol, -^ to switch the route host to the UDP protocol, -_ to switch the console display to ncurses, -= to define alternate button tabs for the (ncurses) gui, new example rulesets, defaulted socket option(s), and module changes among other things.

Posted by Vade 79 2002-10-08

Released netscript version 1.7.0.

addition of a (modified) cygwin/windows binary, based off the netscript.c source. changed the syslog priority level(to better suit some situations), and local display of error/statistical messages, to use less space. fixed a bug with the use of the -M option(forced the -R option), and a pre-compiled #ifdef bug with misplaced code.

Posted by Vade 79 2002-02-19

Released netscript version 1.6.9.

added -W, to automatically start the (non-generic) gui pulled down, -# to set the gui foreground (text) color to a defined hex triplet, -+ to change the length of the (non-generic) pulled down gui, reading of the $EDITOR environmental variable, -f to use a third party text editor. changed the manual page. fixed some minor text/physical bugs.

Posted by Vade 79 2002-01-22

Released netscript version 1.6.8.

addition of routing support(-R, -k, -j, and -J options), the $\ variable to send data directly to the route socket, the $" variable to only send data after an alloted amount of time, the -Q option to define socket options, the --interactive command line option to allow interactive use of netscript, reading of ~/.nsrc to to precurse any other interactive commands, the --list command line option to quickly list and execute rulesets, the $NS_PATH environmental variable to assist the --list option, the addition of a manual page, and MD5SUM validity check file, changed a couple rulesets to comply with the additions, and fixed some minor bugs, some of which could locally crash netscript.

Posted by Vade 79 2002-01-02

Released netscript version 1.6.7.

added -O, to select an alternative shell to execute for third party programs. added -o, to omit socket reading of supplied character(s). added -m, to change the current working directory of netscript. added -M, to change the root directory of netscript. added $', to change the current working directory via the ruleset. changed standard reading of input to check for the tty name, instead of the generic /dev/tty. changed all related third party executions to use $SHELL. changed some display/text visualizations. fixed segmentation fault introduced in the previous version, when using -u with a user name that doesn't exist. (not a security issue). changed a couple ruleset examples to comply to the new changes.

Posted by Vade 79 2001-12-18

Released netscript version 1.6.6.

added -Z, system logging support, for when netscript is running at a syslog accessible level. changed -u, will now apply the supplementary groups to the id change. also, if no group id is specified, will apply the group id of the user id. changed the ns_exit() module function to pass the type of exit. changed the $` execution comparision variable, to be more like $=. changed minor handling of command line arguments. changed the make/compile procedure, slighty.

Posted by Vade 79 2001-12-13

Released netscript version 1.6.5. (security notice)

main focus of the release is the fixing of a potential local/remote security bug, found during a quick audit. this security is somewhat minor, due to the fact it relys on the users ruleset. for more information, review the changelog. also, added the $` variable for execution data manipulation, and changed --hist option to only add if the line does not already exist in the history file.

Posted by Vade 79 2001-11-29

Released netscript version 1.6.4.

addition of the $; variable, for reverse/negative input matching. changed ns_init() and ns_incoming() to pass extended data. addition of -a, to allow interactive use with third party programs. changed program dumping to pass CTRL-C requests to the third party program. changed the program dumping method used. changed -x to comply with the new program dumping method. addition of -B, to send netscript to the background. addition of -g(use twice for more generic mode) to enable the GUI/GTK mode of netscript. addition of -G to set a title to the gui. fixed some minor/uncommon bugs.

Posted by Vade 79 2001-11-27

Released netscript version 1.6.3.

changed the support of parsing remote data, to not parse dynamic variables. this will remove some funcationality. but, it is much more of a security risk to disclose, or use dynamic variables via remote input. fixed support on some platforms, some memory leak possibilities, and minor text related bugs. also, the addition of the $REPEAT variable, for use with repeated rules.

Posted by Vade 79 2001-07-16

Released netscript version 1.6.2.

addition of the --hist option to use options from past uses of netscript, the -L option to display the line value of incoming/outgoing data, the -u option to set permission id values of netscript to run under, service support to the -p option, the -q option for virtual host support. also, the addition of security measures needed. inclusion of infinite binding support in conjunction with the -I(forever) option. fixed some possible security issues with off-by-one buffer readings.

Posted by Vade 79 2001-06-29

Released netscript version 1.6.1

a decent update of features supported in netscript. ranging from truncation and format variable(s) to dynamic storage variables. also, added -E for precurse to program dumping(initial) and, added -S and -U for delaying server reading. the changelog file included in the package lists almost all the important changes.

Posted by Vade 79 2001-06-06